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  texrex-behindthecow - Web page cleaning tool
  README of 2015/10/10
  Roland Schäfer <>

texrex is a free software for processing data files from crawls and
turning them into a corpus of web documents. Most new developments
in texrex-behindthecow have maintenance character, others make
it possible to process CommonCrawl or similar data sets.

It performs the following processing steps:

 -  read ARC of WARC files document by document
 -  filter perfect duplicates using a Bloom filter
 -  strip HTML, scripts, stylesheets
 -  extract meta information from crawl headers
 -  convert all encodings to UTF-8 (using ICU), optionally treating all
    ISO-8859-1 input as Win-1252
 -  convert all HTML entities to appropriate codepoints (including rogue
 -  normalize to NFC
 -  heuristically fix broken encodings/entities
 -  detect, remove, and/or annotate boilerplate blocks using a
    Multi-Layer Perceptron trained on 38 features
 -  assess the text quality of the documents by looking at frequencies
    of short frequent word (requires language-specific models)
 -  identify languages (using the text quality mechanism)
 -  create w-shingling document fingerprints and filter near-duplicate
    documents (additional tools tender and tecl included)
 -  perform in-document deduplication (remove repeated paragraphs,
    insert a backreference to first copy)
 -  perform additional normalization (e.g., reduce diverse Unicode
    dashes and hyphens to the basic codepoint)
 -  write standard-compliant XML output
 -  add server IP geolocation meta information (country, region, city –
    based on GeoLite by MaxMind)

Technologically, the main features of texrex are:

 -  written in FreePascal (Object FPC mode)
 -  licensed under FPC's Modified LGPL
 -  uses multi-threading for single-machine parallelization
 -  uses simple INI files to configure processing jobs
 -  can be run in the background, using a simple IPC client to control
    the process
 -  depends only on two additional libraries: ICU and FANN
    (additional tool to train networks included: tenet)

Additional tools included (since texrex-neuedimensionen):

 -  HyDRA - hard-hyphenation remover 
 -  rofl - fixer for run-together sentences
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