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I love productivity apps. I've been using a lot of keyboard shortcut applications and macros in my day to day life. It is usually the first thing that I install on a new computer. However, that is the main drawback: the fact that you have to install something. There are scenarios where this is not possible: a corporately owned computer (with strict policies), Citrix or the simple fact that the productivity tool is not ported for your operating system (like Ubuntu).

The goal

To build a device that plugs between a keyboard and a computer (ie uses the keyboard as its input device) where the computer recognizes it as a keyboard. It should function as a keyboard passthrough and trap certain keyboard combinations. There should be multiple combinations available such as ctrl-alt-0 through ctrl-alt-9. When the device traps a valid key combination it will "type out" an defined template from an external storage device (eg SD card or USB stick).

Hardware (so far)

Here is the hardware list that this project is working with:

Setting it up

So, I'm assuming that you bought the hardware and you want to upload this.

Clone this repository to your local computer.

git clone

Rename the Templates.h.example file to Templates.h

cp untitled/Templates.h.example untitled/Templates.h

Use your favorite editor to update the data in the Templates.h file.

vim untitled/Templates.h

Compile and upload using the arduino software.

Setting up the hardware

You need a USB cable to go from the Leonardo's micro USB port to your computer and your keyboard should plug into the USB shield's USB.

Using it

Once everything has been setup correctly, all you need to do is use ctrl-alt-0 to ctrl-alt-9 to activate the templates you've setup.

Where things are at:

  • Keyboard passthrough
  • Trapping predefined key combinations
  • A way to store the templates
  • "typing out" the template on valid key combination
  • Logging (when the key combination gets triggered)
  • Needs to write up some "instructions"

Nice to haves?

  • Setting your own key combination
  • A nice case


An Arduino powered productivity device that plugs between a keyboard and computer. It is a keyboard passthrough until it detects key combinations then it "types out" pre-defined templates.





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