Python function to perform and print calculations.
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The calculations module


I wrote this function to be able to both perform calculations in Python 3.6+ and print the results. Existing tools do not easily let you do that. Spreadsheets display results but not the formula. And interactive shells like IPython let me do calculations but if I assign the result to a variable I have to perform an extra action to show it.

I already wrote a tool like this to generate LaTeX output called texcalc. Since that has to produce LaTeX it need to walk the parse tree. This tool is much simpler.

How it works

The do function in the calculations module takes three arguments;

  • an expression to be evaluated,
  • a comment to be printed after the result and
  • a dict of local variables. The latter is best left at the default.

Using the function is simple.

from calculations import do

do('L = 1.2', 'm')
do('B = 0.5', 'm')
do('B = 0.23', 'm')
do('volume = L * B * H', '')

Running this code produces:

L = 1.2 m
B = 0.5 m
H = 0.23 m
volume = L * B * H = 0.138 m³


This is just a module for doing relatively simple calculations plus assignments. Handling data structures like lists and dictionaries is beyond its scope. Also, it is not equipped to handle e.g. numpy arrays.