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# Targets:
# all Build everything
# test Build and test everyything (implies all_check)
# install Build and install all OTF files. (currently Mac-only)
# zip Build a complete release-grade ZIP archive of all fonts.
# dist Create a new release distribution. Does everything.
# all_const Build all non-variable files
# all_const_hinted Build all non-variable files with hints
# all_var Build all variable files
# all_var_hinted Build all variable files with hints (disabled)
# all_otf Build all OTF files into FONTDIR/const
# all_ttf Build all TTF files into FONTDIR/const
# all_ttf_hinted Build all TTF files with hints into FONTDIR/const-hinted
# all_web Build all WOFF files into FONTDIR/const
# all_web_hinted Build all WOFF files with hints into FONTDIR/const-hinted
# all_var Build all variable font files into FONTDIR/var
# all_var_hinted Build all variable font files with hints into
# FONTDIR/var-hinted
# designspace Build src/Inter-UI.designspace from src/Inter-UI.glyphs
# Style-specific targets:
# STYLE_otf Build OTF file for STYLE into FONTDIR/const
# STYLE_ttf Build TTF file for STYLE into FONTDIR/const
# STYLE_ttf_hinted Build TTF file for STYLE with hints into
# FONTDIR/const-hinted
# STYLE_web Build WOFF files for STYLE into FONTDIR/const
# STYLE_web_hinted Build WOFF files for STYLE with hints into
# FONTDIR/const-hinted
# STYLE_check Build & check OTF and TTF files for STYLE
# "build" directory output structure:
# fonts
# const
# const-hinted
# var
# var-hinted (disabled)
FONTDIR = build/fonts
all: all_const all_const_hinted all_var
all_const: all_otf all_ttf all_web
all_const_hinted: all_ttf_hinted all_web_hinted
all_var: \
$(FONTDIR)/var/Inter-UI.var.woff2 \
$(FONTDIR)/var/Inter-UI-upright.var.woff2 \
$(FONTDIR)/var/Inter-UI-italic.var.woff2 \
$(FONTDIR)/var/Inter-UI.var.ttf \
$(FONTDIR)/var/Inter-UI-upright.var.ttf \
# Disabled. See
# all_var_hinted: $(FONTDIR)/var-hinted/Inter-UI.var.ttf $(FONTDIR)/var-hinted/Inter-UI.var.woff2
# .PHONY: all_var_hinted
.PHONY: all_const all_const_hinted all_var
export PATH := $(PWD)/build/venv/bin:$(PATH)
# generated.make is automatically generated by and defines depenencies for
# all styles and alias targets
include build/etc/generated.make
# TTF -> WOFF2
build/%.woff2: build/%.ttf
woff2_compress "$<"
build/%.woff: build/%.ttf
ttf2woff -O -t woff "$<" "$@"
# make sure intermediate TTFs are not gc'd by make
.PRECIOUS: build/%.ttf
# TTF -> EOT (disabled)
# build/%.eot: build/%.ttf
# ttf2eot "$<" > "$@"
# Master UFO -> OTF, TTF
all_ufo_masters = $(Regular_ufo_d) $(Black_ufo_d) $(Italic_ufo_d) $(BlackItalic_ufo_d)
$(FONTDIR)/var/%.var.ttf: src/%.designspace $(all_ufo_masters)
misc/fontbuild compile-var -o $@ $<
$(FONTDIR)/const/Inter-UI-Regular.%: src/Inter-UI.designspace $(Regular_ufo_d)
misc/fontbuild compile -o $@ src/Inter-UI-Regular.ufo
$(FONTDIR)/const/Inter-UI-Black.%: src/Inter-UI.designspace $(Black_ufo_d)
misc/fontbuild compile -o $@ src/Inter-UI-Black.ufo
$(FONTDIR)/const/Inter-UI-Italic.%: src/Inter-UI.designspace $(Italic_ufo_d)
misc/fontbuild compile -o $@ src/Inter-UI-Italic.ufo
$(FONTDIR)/const/Inter-UI-BlackItalic.%: src/Inter-UI.designspace $(BlackItalic_ufo_d)
misc/fontbuild compile -o $@ src/Inter-UI-BlackItalic.ufo
# Instance UFO -> OTF, TTF
$(FONTDIR)/const/Inter-UI-%.otf: build/ufo/Inter-UI-%.ufo src/Inter-UI.designspace $(all_ufo_masters)
misc/fontbuild compile -o $@ $<
$(FONTDIR)/const/Inter-UI-%.ttf: build/ufo/Inter-UI-%.ufo src/Inter-UI.designspace $(all_ufo_masters)
misc/fontbuild compile -o $@ $<
# designspace <- glyphs file
src/Inter-UI.designspace: src/Inter-UI.glyphs
misc/fontbuild glyphsync $<
designspace: src/Inter-UI.designspace
.PHONY: designspace
# short-circuit Make for performance
# instance UFOs <- master UFOs
build/ufo/Inter-UI-%.ufo: src/Inter-UI.designspace $(Regular_ufo_d) $(Black_ufo_d)
misc/fontbuild instancegen src/Inter-UI.designspace $*
# make sure intermediate UFOs are not gc'd by make
.PRECIOUS: build/ufo/Inter-UI-%.ufo
# Note: The seemingly convoluted dependency graph above is required to
# make sure that glyphsync and instancegen are not run in parallel.
# hinted TTF files via autohint
$(FONTDIR)/const-hinted/%.ttf: $(FONTDIR)/const/%.ttf
mkdir -p "$(dir $@)"
ttfautohint --fallback-stem-width=256 --no-info --composites "$<" "$@"
# $(FONTDIR)/var-hinted/%.ttf: $(FONTDIR)/var/%.ttf
# mkdir -p "$(dir $@)"
# ttfautohint --fallback-stem-width=256 --no-info --composites "$<" "$@"
# make sure intermediate TTFs are not gc'd by make
.PRECIOUS: $(FONTDIR)/const/%.ttf $(FONTDIR)/const-hinted/%.ttf $(FONTDIR)/var/%.var.ttf
# check var
all_check_var: $(FONTDIR)/var/Inter-UI.var.ttf
misc/fontbuild checkfont $^
# test runs all tests
# Note: all_check_const is generated by and runs "fontbuild checkfont"
# on all otf and ttf files.
test: all_check_const all_check_var
# load version, used by zip and dist
VERSION := $(shell cat version.txt)
# distribution zip files
ZIP_FILE_DIST := build/release/Inter-UI-${VERSION}.zip
ZIP_FILE_DEV := build/release/Inter-UI-${VERSION}-$(shell git rev-parse --short=10 HEAD).zip
ZD = build/tmp/zip
# intermediate zip target that creates a zip file at build/tmp/
build/tmp/ all
@rm -rf "$(ZD)"
@rm -f build/tmp/
@mkdir -p \
"$(ZD)/Inter UI (web)" \
"$(ZD)/Inter UI (web hinted)" \
"$(ZD)/Inter UI (TTF)" \
"$(ZD)/Inter UI (TTF hinted)" \
"$(ZD)/Inter UI (TTF variable)" \
"$(ZD)/Inter UI (OTF)"
# "$(ZD)/Inter UI (TTF variable hinted)"
# copy font files
cp -a $(FONTDIR)/const/*.woff \
$(FONTDIR)/const/*.woff2 \
$(FONTDIR)/var/*.woff2 "$(ZD)/Inter UI (web)/"
# cp -a $(FONTDIR)/const-hinted/*.woff \
# $(FONTDIR)/const-hinted/*.woff2 \
# $(FONTDIR)/var-hinted/*.woff2 "$(ZD)/Inter UI (web hinted)/"
cp -a $(FONTDIR)/const-hinted/*.woff \
$(FONTDIR)/const-hinted/*.woff2 \
"$(ZD)/Inter UI (web hinted)/"
cp -a $(FONTDIR)/const/*.ttf "$(ZD)/Inter UI (TTF)/"
cp -a $(FONTDIR)/const-hinted/*.ttf "$(ZD)/Inter UI (TTF hinted)/"
cp -a $(FONTDIR)/var/*.ttf "$(ZD)/Inter UI (TTF variable)/"
# cp -a $(FONTDIR)/var-hinted/*.ttf "$(ZD)/Inter UI (TTF variable hinted)/"
cp -a $(FONTDIR)/const/*.otf "$(ZD)/Inter UI (OTF)/"
# copy misc stuff
cp -a misc/dist/inter-ui.css "$(ZD)/Inter UI (web)/"
cp -a misc/dist/inter-ui.css "$(ZD)/Inter UI (web hinted)/"
cp -a misc/dist/*.txt "$(ZD)/"
cp -a LICENSE.txt "$(ZD)/"
# zip
cd $(ZD) && zip -q -X -r "../../../$@" * && cd ../..
@rm -rf $(ZD)
# zip
build/release/ build/tmp/
@mkdir -p "$(shell dirname "$@")"
@mv -f "$<" "$@"
@echo write "$@"
@sh -c "if [ -f /usr/bin/open ]; then /usr/bin/open --reveal '$@'; fi"
zip: ${ZIP_FILE_DEV}
zip_dist: pre_dist test ${ZIP_FILE_DIST}
.PHONY: zip zip_dist
# distribution
@echo "Creating distribution for version ${VERSION}"
@if [ -f "${ZIP_FILE_DIST}" ]; \
then echo "${ZIP_FILE_DIST} already exists. Bump version or remove the zip file to continue." >&2; \
exit 1; \
dist: zip_dist docs
@echo "——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————"
@echo ""
@echo "Next steps:"
@echo ""
@echo "1) Commit & push changes"
@echo ""
@echo "2) Create new release with ${ZIP_FILE_DIST} at"
@echo "${VERSION}"
@echo ""
@echo "3) Bump version in version.txt (to the next future version)"
@echo ""
@echo "——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————"
docs: docs_fonts
$(MAKE) -j docs_info
docs_info: docs/_data/fontinfo.json docs/lab/glyphinfo.json docs/glyphs/metrics.json
rm -rf docs/font-files
mkdir docs/font-files
cp -a $(FONTDIR)/const/*.woff \
$(FONTDIR)/const/*.woff2 \
$(FONTDIR)/const/*.otf \
$(FONTDIR)/var/*.* \
.PHONY: docs docs_info docs_fonts
docs/_data/fontinfo.json: docs/font-files/Inter-UI-Regular.otf misc/tools/
misc/tools/ -pretty $< > docs/_data/fontinfo.json
docs/lab/glyphinfo.json: build/UnicodeData.txt misc/tools/ $(all_ufo_masters)
misc/tools/ -ucd $< src/Inter-UI-*.ufo > $@
docs/glyphs/metrics.json: $(Regular_ufo_d) misc/tools/
misc/tools/ src/Inter-UI-Regular.ufo
# Download latest Unicode data
@echo fetch
@curl '-#' -o "$@"
# install targets
install_ttf: all_ttf_const
$(MAKE) all_web -j
@echo "Installing TTF files locally at ~/Library/Fonts/Inter UI"
rm -rf ~/'Library/Fonts/Inter UI'
mkdir -p ~/'Library/Fonts/Inter UI'
cp -va $(FONTDIR)/const/*.ttf ~/'Library/Fonts/Inter UI'
install_ttf_hinted: all_ttf
$(MAKE) all_web -j
@echo "Installing autohinted TTF files locally at ~/Library/Fonts/Inter UI"
rm -rf ~/'Library/Fonts/Inter UI'
mkdir -p ~/'Library/Fonts/Inter UI'
cp -va $(FONTDIR)/const-hinted/*.ttf ~/'Library/Fonts/Inter UI'
install_otf: all_otf
$(MAKE) all_web -j
@echo "Installing OTF files locally at ~/Library/Fonts/Inter UI"
rm -rf ~/'Library/Fonts/Inter UI'
mkdir -p ~/'Library/Fonts/Inter UI'
cp -va $(FONTDIR)/const/*.otf ~/'Library/Fonts/Inter UI'
install: install_otf
# clean removes generated and built fonts in the build directory
rm -rvf build/tmp build/fonts
.PHONY: all web clean install install_otf install_ttf deploy pre_dist dist geninfo test glyphsync