@rsms rsms released this Oct 6, 2017 · 378 commits to master since this release

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Major new release with a large amount of reworked glyphs, new glyphs and improved kerning.

Affected glyphs:


feng, hturnhook2, hturnlthook, lcurl, ncurl, Q_rthook, qrthook, slongstroke,
tcurl, zhook


dhook.cn, finalnun, ghook.cn, bhook.cn, chook.cn, Chook.cn, Oopen.cn,
phook.cn, qhook.cn

Renamed and/or updated:

uni023D -> L_bar
Ibar -> Istroke
Lslash -> L_slash
uni02A9 -> feng.glif
uni1E9C -> slongstroke
uni02AE -> hturnlthook
uni0234 -> lcurl
uni0235 -> ncurl
uni024A -> Q_rthook
uni024B -> qrthook
uni0236 -> tcurl
uni0225 -> zhook


Almost all glyphs have either been reworked, updated or had their sidebearings adjusted.