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// Copyright (c) 2010-2011, Rasmus Andersson. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#define SI static inline
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
// Kod configuration
// All operations are thread safe unless stated otherwise
* Notification posted by kconf_defaults() when a value changed. The userInfo
* dictionary contains the key ("key") for which the value was changed.
extern NSString * const KConfValueDidChangeNotification;
// Kod user defaults.
SI NSUserDefaults* kconf_defaults() { return [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; }
// Kod application bundle
SI NSBundle* kconf_bundle() { return [NSBundle mainBundle]; }
// URL for a resource
// To get the path for a resource, simply: [kconf_res_url(relpath) path]
NSURL* kconf_res_url(NSString* relpath);
// URL for something in the bundle's shared support directory
NSURL* kconf_support_url(NSString* relpath);
// Getters
#define _OIMPL(M) { id v = [kconf_defaults() M##ForKey:key]; return v ? v : def; }
#define _NIMPL(M) { NSNumber *n = kconf_object(key); \
if (!n || ![n isKindOfClass:[NSNumber class]]) return def; \
return [n M]; }
SI id kconf_object(NSString *key) { return [kconf_defaults() objectForKey:key]; }
SI NSArray* kconf_array(NSString* key, NSArray* def) _OIMPL(array)
SI NSArray* kconf_strings(NSString* key, NSArray* def) _OIMPL(stringArray)
SI NSData* kconf_data(NSString* key, NSData* def) _OIMPL(data)
SI NSDictionary* kconf_dict(NSString* key, NSDictionary* def) _OIMPL(dictionary)
SI NSString* kconf_string(NSString* key, NSString* def) _OIMPL(string)
NSURL* kconf_url(NSString* key, NSURL* def);
NSColor* kconf_color(NSString* key, NSColor* def);
SI BOOL kconf_bool(NSString* key, BOOL def) _NIMPL(boolValue)
SI NSInteger kconf_int(NSString* key, NSInteger def) _NIMPL(integerValue)
SI NSUInteger kconf_uint(NSString* key, NSUInteger def) _NIMPL(unsignedIntegerValue)
SI float kconf_float(NSString* key, float def) _NIMPL(floatValue)
SI double kconf_double(NSString* key, double def) _NIMPL(doubleValue)
// Posts a "change" notification on kconf_defaults() passing |key| in userInfo
void kconf_notify_change(NSString *key);
// Setters
#undef _OIMPL
#define _OIMPL(M) { if (v) [kconf_defaults() set##M:v forKey:key]; \
else [kconf_defaults() removeObjectForKey:key]; \
kconf_notify_change(key); }
#undef _NIMPL
#define _NIMPL(M) { kconf_set_object(key, [NSNumber numberWith##M:v]); }
SI void kconf_set_object(NSString* key, id v) _OIMPL(Object)
SI void kconf_set_url(NSString* key, NSURL* v) _OIMPL(URL)
void kconf_set_color(NSString* key, NSColor* v);
SI void kconf_set_bool(NSString* key, BOOL v) _NIMPL(Bool)
SI void kconf_set_int(NSString* key, NSInteger v) _NIMPL(Integer)
SI void kconf_set_uint(NSString* key, NSUInteger v) _NIMPL(UnsignedInteger)
SI void kconf_set_float(NSString* key, float v) _NIMPL(Float)
SI void kconf_set_double(NSString* key, double v) _NIMPL(Double)
// Remover
SI void kconf_remove(NSString* key) { [kconf_defaults() removeObjectForKey:key]; }
#undef SI
#ifdef __cplusplus
} // extern "C"
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