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Save after losing focus, Info.plist updates, Authors moved to kod:authors, updated syntaxes #19

wants to merge 10 commits into from

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jurriaan commented Jan 2, 2011

See title :)

jurriaan commented Jan 2, 2011

Whoops, I just saw my work on the lang files was unnecessary because you're working on a new textparser. But the rest of it is still useable:)

and others added some commits Jan 3, 2011
@rsms Refactoring of CLI helper which now can receive a callback when an op…
…eration has completed in Also, fixed a small but crash bug where a document opened from any source (i.e. not created using a "new tab" or piping from stdin) would cause a crash when closed.
@rsms Added 3 forgotten files which should have been attached to the previo…
…us commit
@rsms fixed a bug where a KMetaRulerView could be retained by NSScrollView …
…and later accessed, and since it is owned by a KDocument, it contains a weak reference to its owner. However, if its owner is deallocated while the scroll view still holds a temporary reference, this could cause a crash. The owner is now responsible for clearing its own presence in the KMetaRulerView
@jurriaan jurriaan Added 'save after losing focus' feature, accessible via Debug menu (K…
…od needs Preferences)
jurriaan commented Jan 3, 2011

Added save after losing focus feature

rsms commented Jan 5, 2011

Would you please ping me on IRC when you see me? (Or send me a message here on github)

This issue was closed.
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