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one of my scripts has a dependency to your node-imagemagick module. When trying to use again I found that it didn't work anymore because there is a require("sys") statement which causes an error. 'sys' has been moved to 'util' for recent node versions.

Anyway, the sys variable is not used anymore in node-imagemagick an hence can simply be removed as I did it for my local installation of it.

Removing it from the repo of node-imagemagick would make node-csssprite work again out-of-the-box with a npm i -g node-imagemagick. So I kindly ask you to pull that change into. :-)

Anyway, many thanks for node-imagemagick which made my work a snap.


Marc Bächinger removed sys = require("sys") as it's not used anymore in the code and…
… causes an error on current node versions. sys is util now.



npm package still have it!

├── imagemagick@0.1.2

HackBook:gmx Rod$ grep -R "require.*sys" *
node_modules/imagemagick/imagemagick.js:var sys = require('sys'),
node_modules/imagemagick/test-crop.js:var sys = require('sys'),
node_modules/imagemagick/test.js:var sys = require('sys'),




didn't #30 solve this?


Yes it does, but as @wilhelmbot noticed, the last version on npm registry (0.1.2) is not up to date with the repository.


Can you publish a new version to npm? Trying to get ready for the incoming Node 0.8...


+1 @rsms could you publish a new one?


actually i just ported over to, was pretty simple to do so (has an imagemagick wrapper as well) if anyone is interested


@wavded Nice find; I like the built-in streaming support.

@rsms rsms merged commit 158a638 into rsms:master Jun 22, 2012
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