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// Represents a communication channel between two endpoints talking the same
// PTProtocol.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <dispatch/dispatch.h>
#import <netinet/in.h>
#import <sys/socket.h>
#import "PTProtocol.h"
#import "PTUSBHub.h"
@class PTData, PTAddress;
@protocol PTChannelDelegate;
@interface PTChannel : NSObject
// Delegate
@property (strong) id<PTChannelDelegate> delegate;
// Communication protocol. Must not be nil.
@property PTProtocol *protocol;
// YES if this channel is a listening server
@property (readonly) BOOL isListening;
// YES if this channel is a connected peer
@property (readonly) BOOL isConnected;
// Arbitrary attachment. Note that if you set this, the object will grow by
// 8 bytes (64 bits).
@property (strong) id userInfo;
// Create a new channel using the shared PTProtocol for the current dispatch
// queue, with *delegate*.
+ (PTChannel*)channelWithDelegate:(id<PTChannelDelegate>)delegate;
// Initialize a new frame channel, configuring it to use the calling queue's
// protocol instance (as returned by [PTProtocol sharedProtocolForQueue:
// dispatch_get_current_queue()])
- (id)init;
// Initialize a new frame channel with a specific protocol.
- (id)initWithProtocol:(PTProtocol*)protocol;
// Initialize a new frame channel with a specific protocol and delegate.
- (id)initWithProtocol:(PTProtocol*)protocol delegate:(id<PTChannelDelegate>)delegate;
// Connect to a TCP port on a device connected over USB
- (void)connectToPort:(int)port overUSBHub:(PTUSBHub*)usbHub deviceID:(NSNumber*)deviceID callback:(void(^)(NSError *error))callback;
// Connect to a TCP port at IPv4 address. INADDR_LOOPBACK can be used as address
// to connect to the local host.
- (void)connectToPort:(in_port_t)port IPv4Address:(in_addr_t)address callback:(void(^)(NSError *error, PTAddress *address))callback;
// Listen for connections on port and address, effectively starting a socket
// server. For this to make sense, you should provide a onAccept block handler
// or a delegate implementing ioFrameChannel:didAcceptConnection:.
- (void)listenOnPort:(in_port_t)port IPv4Address:(in_addr_t)address callback:(void(^)(NSError *error))callback;
// Send a frame with an optional payload and optional callback.
// If *callback* is not NULL, the block is invoked when either an error occured
// or when the frame (and payload, if any) has been completely sent.
- (void)sendFrameOfType:(uint32_t)frameType tag:(uint32_t)tag withPayload:(dispatch_data_t)payload callback:(void(^)(NSError *error))callback;
// Lower-level method to assign a connected dispatch IO channel to this channel
- (BOOL)startReadingFromConnectedChannel:(dispatch_io_t)channel error:(__autoreleasing NSError**)error;
// Close the channel, preventing further reading and writing. Any ongoing and
// queued reads and writes will be aborted.
- (void)close;
// "graceful" close -- any ongoing and queued reads and writes will complete
// before the channel ends.
- (void)cancel;
// Wraps a mapped dispatch_data_t object. The memory pointed to by *data* is
// valid until *dispatchData* is deallocated (normally when the receiver is
// deallocated).
@interface PTData : NSObject
@property (readonly) dispatch_data_t dispatchData;
@property (readonly) void *data;
@property (readonly) size_t length;
// Represents a peer's address
@interface PTAddress : NSObject
// For network addresses, this is the IP address in textual format
@property (readonly) NSString *name;
// For network addresses, this is the port number. Otherwise 0 (zero).
@property (readonly) NSInteger port;
// Protocol for PTChannel delegates
@protocol PTChannelDelegate <NSObject>
// Invoked when a new frame has arrived on a channel.
- (void)ioFrameChannel:(PTChannel*)channel didReceiveFrameOfType:(uint32_t)type tag:(uint32_t)tag payload:(PTData*)payload;
// Invoked to accept an incoming frame on a channel. Reply NO ignore the
// incoming frame. If not implemented by the delegate, all frames are accepted.
- (BOOL)ioFrameChannel:(PTChannel*)channel shouldAcceptFrameOfType:(uint32_t)type tag:(uint32_t)tag payloadSize:(uint32_t)payloadSize;
// Invoked when the channel closed. If it closed because of an error, *error* is
// a non-nil NSError object.
- (void)ioFrameChannel:(PTChannel*)channel didEndWithError:(NSError*)error;
// For listening channels, this method is invoked when a new connection has been
// accepted.
- (void)ioFrameChannel:(PTChannel*)channel didAcceptConnection:(PTChannel*)otherChannel fromAddress:(PTAddress*)address;
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