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Take a screenshot (in OS X) — paste the URL somewhere a second later


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Stale — Scrup is no longer being developed. It's left here for the sake of the codez. For a great and secure (encrypted) screenshot service that's as free as Scrup, I'd recommend the screenshot feature of Dropbox.

Scrup icon Scrup in the menu bar Scrup 1.3

Take a screenshot in OS X and have a URL to the picture in your pasteboard a second later.

A free and open source version of the different commercial variants (GrabUp, Tiny Grab, etc).

For Mac OS X 10.6-10.8.

Download & install

  • Download Scrup

  • Move Scrup to your Applications folder and double-click the bastard.

  • Scrup appears in the top right corner of your screen and looks like a twirly hand with and arrow. Click it and select "Preferences..."

  • In the "Receiver URL" text field, enter the URL to something which receives files. For instance a copy of recv.php which you have uploaded to your server.

  • Please note that the recv.php requires php5 to work, since it's using the PHP5-only stream_copy_to_stream() function to grab the image data stream.

  • Take a screenshot and you should see the Scrup icon turning into a check mark, indicating success. (If you see a red badge something failed. Open and look what Scrup says.)

Receivers & extensions

  • django-scrup is a Django-based web receiver which stores screen captures on Amazon S3.

  • Indexr is a "small footprint image/file lister" written in PHP which provides a sort of browser/gallery. Live demo here

  • scrup-node-receiver is a simple Scrup receiver for Node.js which keeps a backlog of images in memory rather than writing them to disk.

Alternate versions

There are a few forks (alternate versions) of Scrup (e.g. adding Growl support, playing sounds, etc) which might be interesting. Check out the fork network for a list of these variants.


  • Lives in the menu bar (up there to your right, where the clock is).

  • When a screenshot is taken, Scrup simply performs a HTTP POST, sending the image.

  • After the screenshot has been sent, the server replies with the URL to the newly uploaded file.

  • The URL is placed in the pasteboard, ready for you to ⌘V somewhere.

There is an example PHP implementation called recv.php which you can use and/or modify to setup your receiver. Make sure to set your URL in the preferences.


You'll need libpngcrush to build Scrup. libpngcrush is an external submodule of Scrup which you'll need to update after you've checked out the scrup source:

cd scrup-source
git submodule update --init pngcrush SCEvents

You only need to do this once. Now, build the "Scrup" target in Xcode.


Open source licensed under MIT (see LICENSE file for details).


Take a screenshot (in OS X) — paste the URL somewhere a second later