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Check the status of a Moxa NPORT 6000 RS232 to LAN converter.

You can check each port for the CTS, DSR, DTR and Error count.

The plugin requires pynag ( and python-netsnmp.


Check Port 1:

./ -H -p 1


  • -h, --help show this help message and exit

  • -H HOSTNAME, --hostname=HOSTNAME Host name or IP Adress of hte MOXA device.

  • -C COMMUNITY, --community=COMMUNITY SNMP community of the SNMP service on target host.

  • -V SNMPVERSION, --snmpversion=SNMPVERSION SNMP version.

  • -p PORT, --port=PORT Moxa RS232 port number.

  • -t TYPE, --type=TYPE Available check types: CTS, DSR, DTR, ErrorCount. Example: -t CTS_ErrorCount. CTS (Clear To Send): DCE (Data Communication Equipment) is ready to accept data from the DTE (Data Terminal Equipment). DSR (Data Set Ready): DCE (Data Communication Equipment) is ready to receive commands or data. DTR (Data Terminal Ready): DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) is ready to receive, initiate, or continue a call. ErrorCount = Show error counts of Frame, Break, Overrun and Parity.

  • -c CRITICAL, --critical=CRITICAL Return CRITICAL if any ErrorCount >= this parameter.

  • -w WARNING, --warning=WARNING Return WARNING if any ErrorCount >= this parameter.

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