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Check the status of a Janitza 604 device.

You can check 'uL1', 'uL2', 'uL3', 'iL1', 'iL2', 'iL3', 'iL4', 'iL5', 'iL6', 'pL1', 'pL2', 'pL3', 'qL1', 'qL2', 'qL3',
'sL1', 'sL2', 'sL3', 'cosPL1', 'cosPL2', 'cosPL3', 'p3', 'q3', 's3', 'uL1L2', 'uL2L3', 'uL3L1'

The plugin requires pynag ( and python-netsnmp.


Get a list of all possible types

./ -l

Check uL1 with warning(-10:10) and critical(-20:20) metrics (pynag standard confirm):

./ -H -t uL1 --th metric=type,warning=-10:10,critical=-20:20

Check uL1 without pynag metrics:

./ -H -t uL1


  • -h, --help show this help message and exit
  • -l, --list lists all possible request types
  • -H HOSTNAME, --hostname=HOSTNAME Host name or IP Adress of hte MOXA device.
  • -C COMMUNITY, --community=COMMUNITY SNMP community of the SNMP service on target host.
  • -V SNMPVERSION, --snmpversion=SNMPVERSION SNMP version.
  • -t TYPE, --type=TYPE type of the request
  • --th metric=type,warning=WARNING_MIN:WARNING_MAX,critical=CRITICAL_MIN:CRITICAL_MAX add warning and critical values pynag confirm
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