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Check via SNMP if the sensors for an HP / Aruba Procurve Switch are in good condition. Usually the "Power Supply Sensor" and "Fan Sensor" is available. The hpicfSensorTable is used to read all available sensors and their status. (MIB: hpicfchassis.mib)


Failed Power Supply and failed FAN

=> Critical - Fan Sensor: bad. Power Supply 1 Sensor: good.

#### Everything OK
```./ -H

=> OK - Fan Sensor: good. Power Supply 1 Sensor: good.

### Options
  • -h, --help show this help message and exit
  • -H HOSTNAME Hostname or ip address
  • --version=VERSION SNMP version (default: 2)
  • --community=COMMUNITY SNMP community (default: public)
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