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Check a Raritan Dominition PX PDU (Power Distribution Unit):

  • outlets (On, Off)
  • inlet (Power, Current, Voltage)
  • connected sensors

Tested device: PX2-2486
Tested sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Contact Closure, Air Pressure


Check the Inlet Power:

./ -H -t inlet


OK - Inlet. 5.1 A. 230.0 V. 1118.0 W. 1165.0 VA. 0.96. 6904491.0 Wh | 'A'=5.1A;10.4;12.8;; 'V'=230.0V;247.0;254.0;; 'W'=1118.0W;0.0;0.0;; 'VA'=1165.0VA;0.0;0.0;; ''=0.96;0.0;0.0;; 'Wh'=6904491.0Wh;0.0;0.0;;

Monitor sensor with ID 1:

./ -H -t sensor -i 1


Critical - Sensor 4 - 'On/Off 1'  is: alarmed


OK - Sensor 4 - 'Humidity 1' 18.0% is: normal | 'Humidity 1'=18.0%;70.0;80.0;;

Monitor outlet with ID 3:

 ./ -H -t outlet -i 3


Critical - Outlet 3 - 'Switch HP' is: OFF

Monitor outlet via SNMPv3:

Enable SNMPv3 in SNMP settings of the Raritan device and configure a user that is allowed to login via SNMPv3 in the user management of the device.

 ./ -H -t outlet -i 3 -V 3 -U snmpv3 -L authPriv -a MD5 -A snmpv3snmpv3 -x DES -X snmpv3snmpv3


Critical - Outlet 3 - 'Switch HP' is: OFF


  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -H HOSTNAME           Hostname or ip address
                        SNMP community of the SNMP service on target host.
  -V VERSION, --snmpversion=VERSION
                        SNMP version. (1 or 2)
  -t TYP                The type you want to monitor (inlet, outlet, sensor)
  -i ID                 The id of the outlet / sensor you want to monitor
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