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Check the status of a Ubiquiti device.

You can check the

  • Uptime
  • Signal Strength
  • CPU usage (1 Minute Average)
  • CPU usage (5 Minute Average)
  • CPU usage (15 Minute Average)
  • Total memory
  • Free memory
  • Tx Rate
  • Rx Rate The plugin requires pynag ( and python-netsnmp.


Get a list of all possible types

./ -l

Check uL1 with warning(-10:10) and critical(-20:20) metrics (pynag standard confirm):

./ -H -t up --th metric=type,warning=-10:10,critical=-20:20

Check uL1 without pynag metrics:

./ -H -t up


-h, --help show this help message and exit 
-l, --list lists all possible request types 
-H HOSTNAME, --hostname=HOSTNAME Host name or IP Adress of hte MOXA device. 
-C COMMUNITY, --community=COMMUNITY SNMP community of the SNMP service on target host. 
-V SNMPVERSION, --snmpversion=SNMPVERSION SNMP version. 
-t TYPE, --type=TYPE type of the request 
--th metric=type,warning=WARNING_MIN:WARNING_MAX,critical=CRITICAL_MIN:CRITICAL_MAX add warning and critical values pynag confirm
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