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Commits on Jan 21, 2014
  1. sinn3r
Commits on Jan 18, 2014
  1. Juan Vazquez
  2. Juan Vazquez

    Delete empty line

    jvazquez-r7 authored
Commits on Jan 17, 2014
  1. sinn3r

    Fix nil bug in jboss_invoke_deploy.rb

    wchen-r7 authored
    If there is a connection timeout, the module shouldn't access the
    "code" method because that does not exist.
  2. Juan Vazquez

    Fix protocol handling

    jvazquez-r7 authored
Commits on Jan 16, 2014
  1. Juan Vazquez

    Add minor clean up

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  2. Juan Vazquez

    Add module for ZDI-14-003

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  3. Juan Vazquez
  4. Tod Beardsley
  5. Juan Vazquez

    Delete debug comments

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  6. Matt Andreko

    Merge pull request #4 from jvazquez-r7/review_2874

    mandreko authored
    Clean CmdStagerEcho and Add module targets
  7. sinn3r
  8. Juan Vazquez
  9. wvu-r7
  10. wvu-r7
  11. Juan Vazquez
  12. wvu-r7

    Fix socket timeout bug

    wvu-r7 authored
  13. Juan Vazquez

    Update module description

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  14. Juan Vazquez
  15. Juan Vazquez

    Clean CmdStagerEcho

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  16. Juan Vazquez
Commits on Jan 15, 2014
  1. wvu-r7

    Perform final cleanup

    wvu-r7 authored
  2. Joe Vennix
  3. wvu-r7
  4. Joe Vennix
Commits on Jan 14, 2014
  1. Juan Vazquez

    Undo debugging comment

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  2. Juan Vazquez

    Save some parsing

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  3. Juan Vazquez
  4. Juan Vazquez
  5. wvu-r7
  6. wvu-r7
  7. Very minor code formatting

    sgabe authored
  8. Matt Andreko
  9. Matt Andreko

    Fixed the credential parsing and made output consistent

    mandreko authored
    So in the previous refactor, we made the dedicated method to parse
    usernames and passwords from the split up config values. However, that
    didn't work, because on a single iteration of the loop, you only have
    access to a possible username OR password. The other matching key will
    be another iteration of the loop. Because of this, no credential pairs
    were being reported.
    The only way I can see around this (maybe because I'm a ruby newb) would
    be to iterate over configs, and if the user or password regex matches,
    add the matching value to a hash, which is identified by a key for both
    user & pass. Then upon completion of the loop, it'd iterate over the
    hash, finding keys that had both user & pass values.
  10. Fixed bug that caused runtime error in module_rank.rb

    Ethan Robish authored
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