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Link to latest version

This release is obsolete, the latest version is pfba 1.54 found here:

PFBA Vita_mod: Modded version of Portable Final Burn Alpha for the Vita

Quick release with additions/changes to Cpasjuste's awesome PFBA emulator for Vita.

NOTE: This version appears as a new bubble even when updating. I am not quite sure why. But it is safe to delete the old bubble.

Big thanks to Cpasjuste for a great codebase. This release page might be ahead or behind Cpasjuste's repository depending when pull requests are merged etc.

Changelog of this modded version


  • PFBA: attempt to reduce input lag
  • PFBA: match uppercase rom filenames, useful for FAT filesystems
  • PFBA: fix console rom loading (Thanks @SoftechSoftware)
  • PFBA: fix PC Engine emulation (Thanks @SoftechSoftware)
  • PFBA: fix MegaDrive/Genesis emulation (Thanks @SoftechSoftware)
  • based on latest git repository code from @Cpasjuste, including update to FBA version


  • PFBA: Fix some remaining flickering borders


  • PFBA: fix analog stick angular zone sizes (22.5 degrees per half zone now, e.g. eight 45 degree zones)


  • PFBA: fix analog controls (broke in last release)


  • PFBA: fix joystick controls with radial deadzone & symmetric diagonals


  • PFBA: fix flickering borders if FIT is disabled


  • PFBA: UniBIOS disables asm core only for Neogeo games


  • PFBA: add option to change neo-geo bios (hyln9)

Note: For Unibios support, the file uni-bios_3_2.rom must be present in


  • pulled in latest changes by Cpasjuste as follows:
    • PFBA: add option to configure menu(s) button(s)
    • PFBA: add analog support (after burner 2, outrun...)
    • PFBA: add NO_KEYBOARD flag to disable keyboard configuration
    • FBA: fix wrong colors on konami games
    • FBA: fix eeprom (nvram) loading/saving
    • ARM: fix nec cpu (irem, raiden...)
    • PFBA: fix suppression
    • FBA: update to
    • GUI: change menu code (use submenus, should improve smaller resolution systems)
    • COMMON: add skin font size configuration


  • added rotation options OFF+FLIP (flipped vertical for handheld portrait mode with pad at the bottom) and OFF+CAB.MODE (non-rotated controls for arcade cabs and vertical monitors)
  • fixed FIT 4:3 option so it works even with rotation, and removed the now-unneeded FIT 3:4 option


  • pulled in more changes by Cpasjuste, such as some speedup in SDL library and the re-instatement of smaller audio buffer to completely eliminate all audio lag.


  • pulled all audio changes by Cpasjuste, sound seems to be perfect now on PS Vita.


  • remove unneeded audio buffer hack


  • reduce audio delay thanks to Cpasjuste, and I made a small change to it to hopefully eliminate the distortion/stutter


  • support for multiplayer/multiple controllers on Vita TV. Controllers have to be paired before PFBA is started


  • added "FIT 4:3" and "FIT 3:4" options to force the typical Arcade TV aspect ratio. Many Capcom games have strange resolutions but were designed to fill a 4:3 TV aspect ratio image. Strider and Final Fight are two examples. Without forcing 4:3 aspect these games will look stretched with too much widescreen.

Below are the contents of the original PFBA: Portable Final Burn Alpha

The main goals of this final burn alpha port are/were :

  • have a basic but user friendly user interface on non windows devices
  • use a recent rendering interface for speed and effects support
  • cross-platform and code portability
  • easy updates of fba core (no modifications to the original sources)
  • use arm asm m68k (cyclone) core on arm devices

Currently supported devices

  • Linux (sfml, sdl2)
  • RPI 3 (sfml, sdl2, wip)
  • Ps Vita (vita2d)


  • data is located at "ux0:/data/pfba"
  • default rom path is "ux0:/data/pfba/roms/"
  • rom path can be changed in "ux0:/data/pfba/pfba.cfg"
  • preview images can be put in "ux0:/data/pfba/previews/rom-name.png"
  • in the ui: START = gui options + default rom configuration
  • in the ui: SELECT = selected rom configuration
  • in game: SELECT+START = menu
  • in game: SELECT+L = saves states
  • in game: SELECT+SQUARE = service switch
  • in game: SELECT+TRIANGLE = 1P+2P switch
  • in game: SELECT+LEFT/RIGHT = change shader
  • in game: SELECT+UP/DOWN = change scaling

Linux compilation

  • mkdir cmake-build
  • cd cmake-build
  • make pfba.deps
  • make pfba

Ps Vita compilation

  • mkdir cmake-build
  • cd cmake-build
  • cmake -DBUILD_PSP2=ON -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
  • make pfba.deps
  • make pfba.vpk

RPI3 compilation

  • mkdir cmake-build
  • cd cmake-build
  • make pfba.deps
  • make pfba

Developers tips

There is currently two modifications to the original FBA sources :