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C64 emulator for PSP slim (2000 and 3000), based on Akop's and DelayedQuasar's work.

I am updating this emulator with additional options.

The new sound chip option is useful for modern games which were designed for the newer 8580 chips. Two such games are Caren and the Tangled Tentacles and Sam's Journey. Setting sound chip to 8580 and sound engine to resid gives those games a more authentic sound.

The new palette option is useful to achieve more saturated, darker colors. My personal favorite is pepto-pal, but there's also colodore which gives higher saturation. Setting this to none gives the terrible, neon-colored Vice 3.2 default palette.

Original website by Akop (v2.2.15):

Thread about DelayedQuasar's work on this emulator (v3.2.3):


Thanks to the Vice team for an excellent emulator.

Thanks to Akop for the amazing original PSP port.

Thanks to DelayedQuasar for updating Akop's port to Vice 3.2.

Thanks to my supporters on Patreon: Andyways, CountDuckula, Greg Gibson, Jesse Harlin, Özgür Karter, Matthew Machnee, and RadicalR.



  • fix colodore.vpl palette file with the correct default colors from


  • add SID model option with two choices: 6581, and 8580.
  • add palette option with three choices: none (vice palette), pepto-pal, and colodore.
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