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VLCSyphon is a build of the VLC Media Player with a Syphon server inside. It allows us to play movies and use it as a teture on any Syphon-enabled application.


If you just want to play files, download the latest release.

It will publish the video frames at the full encoded resolution, it is NOT limited to the player window.


This repository is a remote of the vlc Git that you can find here:

Why not fork the original? Their environment is not as friendly as GitHub, and have no intention to push this to VLC master branch, so I think it's easier for everybody to get this here. I'll try to merge and update this remote often.

The XCode Project is at extras/package/macosx/vlc.xcodeproj, but not buildable.

To build VLCSyphon use the Syphon branch:

cd VLCSyphon
git checkout Syphon
cd build

The app will be at build/