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This project provide a example code showing how to extend the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Plugin.

The code is based on the developer tutorials provided by the Eclipse BPMN2 Wiki pages. The example extends the BPMN2 Runtime and implement a custom task element. You can find the information about the implementation and concepts on the BPMN2 Tutorial pages.

Eclipse BPMN2

The Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0) introduces an extensibility mechanism that allows extending standard BPMN elements with additional attributes. It can be used by modelers and modeling tools to add non-standard elements or Artifacts to satisfy a specific need, such as the unique requirements of a vertical domain, and still have valid BPMN Core.

The goal of the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler is to not only provide a graphical modeling tool, but also to allow plug-in developers to easily customize the behavior and appearance of the editor for specific BPM workflow engines that use this BPMN 2.0 extensibility mechanism.

The Environment

First, install the BPMN2 Modeler plugin from the updatesite into your Eclipse development IDE. Most things can be controlled from the plugin editor and Eclipse will take care of finding and installing dependencies for the BPMN2 Modeler plugin.

How to Contribute

The BPMN2-Modeler/DeveloperTutorial is an open source project and we sincerely invite you to participate in it. You can help to improve the project by reporting new issues or start a discussions using the issue tracker.

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