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In this release, we've added many new features, including:
- a new JSON request generator (enabled by default, replacing the XML-based requests) (@mootprinter)
- using Faraday for added flexibility for HTTP configuration
- native support for nested child documents and atomic updates in RSolr::Document and RSolr::Client.add
- better support for custom field value converters (@solenko)
- removing code deprecated in RSolr 1.x (@vipulnsward, and others)
- Fix bug where specifying the wt property as a string, would add the supplied value to the default ('ruby') rather than overriding it.
- add RSolr.solr_escape method and add deprecation messages to RSolr.escape (ndushay)
- use stdlib URI.escape methods instead of homegrown in RSolr::URI (ndushay)
- fix bug with Rsolr::Uri.create adding trailing slash if query params (ndushay)
- update rake tasks (cbeer)
- add Ruby 2.2.0 to travis ci build (ndushay)
- Housekeeping (badges to README, license in gemspec, correct url in gemspec ...) (ndushay)
- Improve rdoc styling (udaykadaboina)
- Support setting default_wt per connection via its options. (jcoleman)
- eliminates the usage of per-instance `extend` (jcoleman)
- Upgrade to RSpec 3 (blackwinter, adamjonas, cbeer)
- Fixed RSolr::Error to_s (PofMagicfingers)
1.0.10 xxx
- Fix connection refused errors in specs + add basic auth support (Denis Goeury)
- Ability to set :retry_503, the number of retry attempts for a 503 response
with a Retry-After header.
- Response body encoding is set to response charset in Ruby >= 1.9
- Ability to set :read_timeout and :open_timeout when creating new instance of RSolr
- More dependency fixups
- Dependency fixups
- The "builder" gem dependency is less strict: ~> 2.1.2
- RSolr.version is no longer read from a file
- Gemspec updated -- less strict dev/test versions
- Jeweler is no longer used for building the gemspec
- Proper encodings in Ruby 1.9
- Applied pull request from