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Buyte Checkout - Enable Apple Pay and Google Pay across your site in a single plugin install
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Buyte WooCommerce

Enable checkout using Apple Pay and Google Pay in a simple, codeless install. Accelerate your customer experience with a bite-sized checkout.

What is Buyte? Buyte is a third-party software as a service provider that simplifies the process of getting digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay set up on your eCommerce store. You can find more information about Buyte here:

How does it work? Buyte works by loading a small widget on the eCommerce website that loads widely used digital wallets, hassle-free. When digital wallets are interacted with, Buyte provides an interface to carry out the entire checkout process fast and securely. To facilitate the checkout, Buyte uses the store's existing shipping settings and acquires order and customer data only when a customer authorises their payment with one of Buyte's provided digital wallets.

Why use Buyte? Buyte abstracts the compliance, security and development requirements to load these digital wallets out of the box. Offer your customers Apple Pay and Google Pay in a single install. By integrating Buyte into your e-commerce website, your visitors can securely checkout with their mobile wallet. Don't force credit card forms and user login forms on your new visitors.

Getting Started

  1. Create an account at
  2. Create a checkout
  3. Configure your payouts or connect your payment gateway
  4. Use your Buyte API keys and Checkout Widget ID in the plugin configuration.
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