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deno caught

This module lets you attach empty rejcetion handlers to promises to avoid errors when we want to handle rejections asynchronously.

It is a port of caught for Node, see:

More info

Doing something like this:

const p = Promise.reject(0);

setTimeout(() => p.catch(e => console.error('caught')), 0);

will result in the program terminating with an error:

error: Uncaught 0

This module lets you write:

const p = caught(Promise.reject(0));

setTimeout(() => p.catch(e => console.error('caught')), 0);

to avoid those errors on a per-promise basis.

Use at your own risk.


For more info see this answer on Stack Overflow:


import { caught } from '';

const p = caught(Promise.reject(0));

Note that it is not the same as writing:

const p = Promise.reject(0).catch(() => {});

which would not return the original promise and wouldn't let you add catch handlers later.


For any bug reports or feature requests please post an issue on GitHub.


Rafał Pocztarski
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MIT License (Expat). See for details.

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