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What is Modern Perl?

Perl is a popular, powerful, and widely used programming language.  Over its
twenty year lifespan, it's powered millions of systems worldwide, moving
trillions of dollars.  More importantly, it's helped countless people get their
work done effectively.

The Perl community has a reputation for clever solutions -- and a reputation
for institutional knowledge that isn't always clear to novices and neophytes.
Modern Perl, written with this knowledge, can be very clean, very maintainable,
and even more powerful than you imagine.

That knowledge should be available to everyone.  This book will teach you how
to program Perl, but it will also teach you how to *think* about Perl, so that
you can use it to your full advantage.

Building this Book

You need a modern version of Perl installed.  I recommend Perl 5.10.1, but
anything newer than 5.8.6 should work.

You should also have Pod::PseudoPod installed with its dependencies.

From the top level directory of a checkout, build the individual chapters with:

    $ perl build/tools/

The chapter sources are in the sections/ directory.  Each chapter has a
corresponding chapter_nn.pod file.  Each file contains multiple POD links which
refer to other files in the sections/ directory.  Each of those files contains
a PseudoPOD Z<> anchor.

The program weaves these sections into chapters and writes
them to POD files in build/chapters.

(This process makes it easy to rearrange sections within and between chapters
without generating huge textual diffs.)

To build HTML from these woven chapters:

    $ perl build/tools/

This will produce nicely-formatted HTML in the build/html/ directory.  If
anything looks wrong, it's a mistake on my part (or a CSS problem) and patches
are very welcome.

Contributing to Modern Perl

For now, this draft work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.  For
more details, see:

Please feel free to point people to this repository.  Suggestions and
contributions are welcome.  Please do not redistribute with modifications
(forking with Git is fine, but I request that you send me patches or pull

This book will be available under a less restrictive license when it comes out
in print from Onyx Neon Press: