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Projects by Rafał Pocztarski

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My projects

Node.js modules

Random experiments

Shell scripts


More projects

See my other repositories and look for projects without the "rsp-" prefix in their name.

My projects on GitHub with names starting with "rsp-" prefix (not to be confused with rsp suffix or infix) are either some experiments, early stage work in progress or my internal projects that are in public repositories mostly for backup purposes but are unlikely to be useful for enyone else.

My contributions

Node.js core

The npm project

Node modules


For a full list, see:

My writing

My articles


I have made 4,800+ contributions to English Wikipedia articles since 2004:


No. 1 Most Viewed Writer in Unix Commands topic:



StackOverflow and StackExchange

About 300+ more on:

All my accounts on StakExchange websites:

More info

For more info see:

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