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@vstakhov vstakhov tagged this Feb 22, 2016 · 8827 commits to master since this tag

* Print traceback on lua errors in lua config
* Fix leaks in lua error paths
* Improve 'R_EMPTY_IMAGE' rule
* Fix metas memoization in SA plugin
* Properly set `flag` in fuzzy replies
* Fix arguments order
* Fix issue with out-of-boundary reading
* Fix issues found by coverity
* Same result checking error found by coverity
* Fix varargs processing (found by coverity)
* Fix error in printing hex
* Reduce weights for some hfilter patterns
* Add aliases for task:get_from_ip:
    - task:get_addr
    - task:get_from_addr
    - task:get_ip
*  Rework once_received module
    - Fix priority for `good_hosts`
    - If a good host has been found do not add once_received symbols
    - Fix priorities for strict once_received
    - Add ability to whitelist IP addresses
* Fix `MISSING_MIMEOLE` rule for modern OE
* Treat meta tags as embedded tags (#501)
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