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@vstakhov vstakhov tagged this Jun 1, 2017 · 4824 commits to master since this tag

* [Conf] Increase min_bytes to avoid FP
* [Conf] Remove ratelimits from default configuration
* [CritFix] Fix accepting on IPv6 sockets
* [CritFix] Zero fill sockaddr_un
* [Feature] Add `text_multiplier` param
* [Fix] Check min_bytes for images as well
* [Fix] Do not add exact hashes from different parts
* [Fix] Fix memory leak when accepting from unix sockets
* [Fix] Fix some more issues about duplicated fuzzy requests
* [Fix] Phishing: strict_domains
* [Fix] Skip text parts when checking binary parts in fuzzy check
* [Minor] Add the same duplicates protection for all fuzzy hashes types
* [Minor] Fix braces
* [Minor] Fix test
* [Minor] SPOOF_DISPLAY_NAME: Use all SMTP/MIME recipients
* [Minor] Validate assumed spoofed display name domains to contain a dot
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