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Assets 2
* [CritFix] Fix semicolons parsing in the content type
* [Feature] Add EBL to the default config
* [Feature] Allow to configure monitored
* [Feature] Allow to skip specific hashes in fuzzy storage
* [Feature] Multimap: checking of symbol options
* [Feature] Redis settings: support checking multiple keys
* [Fix] ARC: Fix Lua 5.3 compatibility; timestamp should be integer
* [Fix] Avoid changing content-transfer-encoding header's value
* [Fix] Don't use whitelist/greylist maps as regexp, but as map
* [Fix] Fix get_content method
* [Fix] Header checks: Fix get_raw_header method
* [Fix] Header checks: REPLYTO_UNPARSEABLE rule
* [Fix] Lua_http: freeing
* [Fix] Milter headers: custom headers: removing headers
* [Fix] Parse HREF urls without explicit prefix
* [Fix] WHITE_ON_WHITE: Ensure score is matched to part that fired the rule
* [WebUI] Escape strings inside HTML in history