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ff5e12f @dchelimsky ci: it's before_install (RTFM)
dchelimsky authored
1 before_install:
bcdb6f4 @dchelimsky ci: it's gem, not rubygems
dchelimsky authored
2 - if [[ `gem -v` != 1.8.* ]]; then gem update --system; fi
8c60081 @dchelimsky move executables to executables dir so we can use bin for dev bin files
dchelimsky authored
3 script: "bin/rake --trace 2>&1"
6f8feca @dchelimsky ci: without without development
dchelimsky authored
4 bundler_args: "--binstubs"
95458f1 @myronmarston Add travis config file.
myronmarston authored
5 rvm:
6 - 1.8.7
a4ad3ff @dchelimsky run ci against more rubies
dchelimsky authored
7 - 1.9.2
111b619 @dchelimsky ci: stick to travis-supported rubies
dchelimsky authored
8 - 1.9.3
311b525 @dchelimsky ci: one more try ...
dchelimsky authored
9 - ree
1592c94 @myronmarston Tweak some JRuby/Java settings to run the cukes faster.
myronmarston authored
10 - jruby
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