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more Changelog for #619 [ci skip]

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1 parent 2e20683 commit 19e1eaf5d9eb73a997bcafee6deec0fec2f10661 @dchelimsky dchelimsky committed May 15, 2012
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@@ -7,6 +7,10 @@ Enhancements
* aids decoupling from rspec-core's configuation
* Allow specifying multiple `--example` options. (Daniel Doubrovkine @dblock)
* `subject(:article) { }`
+ * see
+ for background.
+ * thanks to Bradley Schaefer for suggesting it and Avdi Grimm for almost
+ suggesting it.
### 2.10.0 / 2012-05-03
[full changelog](
@@ -45,8 +49,8 @@ Bug fixes
over DRb (using spork).
* Ensure shared example groups are reset after a run (as example groups are).
* Remove `rescue false` from calls to filters represented as Procs
-* Ensure described_class gets the closest constant (pyromaniac)
-* In "autorun", don't run the specs in the at_exit hook if there was an
+* Ensure `described_class` gets the closest constant (pyromaniac)
+* In "autorun", don't run the specs in the `at_exit` hook if there was an
exception (most likely due to a SyntaxError). (sunaku)
* Don't extend groups with modules already used to extend ancestor groups.
* `its` correctly memoizes nil or false values (Yamada Masaki)

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