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configure stdlib in feature

- we'll make rspec + stdlib the default in rspec-3, but automatically
  including stdlib would be a potentially breaking change in rspec-2
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1 parent c1b2b00 commit 450a3b145ae4a790eaee8258cbc1b2175c6c3238 @dchelimsky dchelimsky committed May 22, 2011
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5 features/example_groups/classes_and_methods.feature
@@ -3,9 +3,14 @@ Feature: define example groups with classes and methods
You can use familiar constructs like Ruby classes and methods if you prefer
them over the `describe`/`it` DSL.
+ To get test/unit or minitest assertions you need to configure RSpec as shown
+ in the following scenario:
Scenario: declare example group by subclassing RSpec::ExampleGroup
Given a file named "array_spec.rb" with:
+ RSpec.configure {|c| c.expect_with :stdlib}
class ArrayTest < RSpec::TestCase
def test_is_empty_when_created

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