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-# rspec-core-2.7 (not yet released - coming soon)
+The [Changelog](changelog) has a complete list of everything that changed, but
+here are more detailed explanations for those items that warrant them.
-## `--default_path`
+# rspec-core-2.7.0.rc1
-Add the following to `.rspec`:
+## what's new
+### `rspec` command with no arguments
+Now you can just type `rspec` to run all the specs in the `spec` directory. If
+you keep your specs in a different directory, you can override the default with
+the `--default_path` argument (on the command line or in `.rspec`). e.g.
# in .rspec
- --default_path spec
+ --default_path specs
+### `rspec` command supports multiple line numbers
+Use either of the following to run the examples declared on lines
+37 and 42 of `a_spec.rb`:
+ rspec path/to/a_spec.rb --line_number 37 --line_number 42
+ rspec path/to/a_spec.rb:37:42
+## what's changed
+### `skip_bundler` and `gemfile` rake task options are deprecated and have no effect.
+RSpec's rake task invokes the `rspec` command in a subshell. If you invoke
+`bundle exec rake` or include `Bundler.setup` in your `Rakefile`, then
+Bundler will be activated in the subshell as well.
+Previously, the rake task managed this for you based on the presence of a
+`Gemfile`. In 2.7.0.rc1, this is done based on the presence of the
+`BUNDLE_GEMFILE` environment variable, which is set in the parent shell by Bundler.
-And now you can just type `rspec` to run all the specs in the `spec` directory.
+In 2.7.0.rc2 (not yet released), the rake task doesn't do anything at all.
+Turns out Bundler just does the right thing, so rspec doesn't need to do
# rspec-core-2.6
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