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Merge pull request #772 from mislav/test-all-standalone

avoid bundle exec in test_all
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myronmarston committed Jan 10, 2013
2 parents 538285b + 57d20b4 commit f66b89d415c2e99178d003a034cddf96b90b2cb4
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@@ -22,9 +22,8 @@ for file in `find spec -iname '*_spec.rb'`; do
bin/rspec $file -b --format progress
-# TODO: it would be nice to figure out how to run the cukes w/o the overhead of
-# bundler, but just running `bin/cucumber` can fail due to the fact that it
-# shells out (via aruba) and executes `rspec`--which can pick up the wrong
-# rspec version if we're not running with bundler.
-bundle exec bin/cucumber
+# Prepare RUBYOPT for scenarios that are shelling out to ruby,
+# and PATH for those that are using `rspec` or `rake`.
+RUBYOPT="-I${PWD}/bundle -rbundler/setup" \
+ PATH="${PWD}/bin:$PATH" \
+ bin/cucumber

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