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Commits on Apr 18, 2015
  1. @myronmarston

    Tell users where the invalid options came from.

    myronmarston authored
    Addresses the confusion reported in rspec/rspec-rails#1356.
Commits on Apr 13, 2015
  1. @eugeneius

    Apply helper modules to existing groups when added

    eugeneius authored
    When a helper module is configured, it is now applied to all existing
    matching example groups. This means that the order in which example
    groups are defined and helper modules are configured no longer matters.
Commits on Apr 9, 2015
  1. @myronmarston
  2. @myronmarston
Commits on Apr 7, 2015
  1. @myronmarston

    Prefer localhost over

    myronmarston authored is ipv4, whereas localhost should work
    for ipv4 and ipv6.
Commits on Apr 6, 2015
  1. @myronmarston

    Fix help text grammar.

    myronmarston authored
  2. @myronmarston

    Ignore flapping examples that did not fail on original run.

    myronmarston authored
    We only care that all the failures from the original
    run are still failing; additional failures can be
  3. @myronmarston
  4. @myronmarston
  5. @myronmarston
  6. @myronmarston
  7. @myronmarston

    Refactor bisect debug output.

    myronmarston authored
    - Move formatting logic into a formatter.
    - Improve the formatting.
    - Leverage notification events.
  8. @myronmarston
  9. @myronmarston

    Limit DRb access to only localhost for security reasons.

    myronmarston authored
    It would be nice to have a test for this but I’m not
    sure how to simulate a request from a different host :(.
  10. @myronmarston

    Extract helper methods for options that do something and exit.

    myronmarston authored
    This addresses a rubocop cyclomatic complexity failure.
  11. @myronmarston
  12. @myronmarston
  13. @myronmarston

    Get bisect runner to work properly on JRuby.

    myronmarston authored
    Unfortunately, on JRuby, `Open3.popen3` doesn’t
    handle shell escaped args properly :(.
  14. @myronmarston
  15. @myronmarston
  16. @myronmarston

    When bisecting, exit each run as soon as possible.

    myronmarston authored
    - When an expected failure passes (or is pending)
      we don’t care about any other results.
    - When the last expected failure finishes, we don’t
      care about any later examples.
  17. @myronmarston

    Rename attribute.

    myronmarston authored
    The “in execution order” part isn’t actually important
    for how we are using it, and makes the name unnecessarily
  18. @myronmarston
  19. @myronmarston

    Add ExampleMinimizer.

    myronmarston authored
  20. @myronmarston
  21. @myronmarston

    Add bisect runner.

    myronmarston authored
  22. @myronmarston
  23. @myronmarston

    Store original args as an attribute of the Parser.

    myronmarston authored
    This will make it easier to implement `--bisect`, where we
    need access to the original CLI options.
  24. @myronmarston

    Make option parsing simpler and more consistent.

    myronmarston authored
    - Do not mutate the provided args.
    - Include `:files_or_directories_to_run` in the
      returned options hash. After all, it’s part of
      the parsed options.
    This will help support the new `--bisect` option
    by making it easy for us to split CLI args into options
    (which get re-used throughout the bisect process) and
    files_or_directories_to_run (which get replaced during
  25. @myronmarston
Commits on Apr 5, 2015
  1. @JonRowe

    remove extraneous information

    JonRowe authored
  2. @JonRowe

    Merge pull request #1883 from mswinson/develop

    JonRowe authored
    add type and version information to json formatter
  3. @JonRowe

    Merge pull request #1926 from rspec/fix-skip-before-all

    JonRowe authored
    Fix skip before all
  4. @myronmarston

    Explicitly indicate that the example group failed.

    myronmarston authored
    Before we were relying upon the return value of
    `for_filtered_examples`, which is a bad idea.
  5. @myronmarston
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