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Commits on Aug 1, 2013
  1. @JonRowe

    be truthy

    JonRowe authored
  2. @JonRowe
  3. @JonRowe
  4. @myronmarston @JonRowe

    Convert Metadata to use composition rather than inheritance.

    myronmarston authored JonRowe committed
    - It's best to avoid subclassing core types like Hash.
    - Remove runtime module extensions, since that blows MRIs method
      caches and has an affect on perf.
    - Instantiation was a two part process: `.new` followed by `process`.
      Conceptually, these belong together, so switch to using a single
      method for instantiation.
    Two gotchas I discovered:
    - The `include` matcher didn't initially work properly with `Metadata`.
      It uses an `is_a?(Hash)` check to know how to treat the object.
      To solve this, we override `is_a?` to return true for Hash.
    - `dup` didn't work as expected. `dup` is used to get a copy that can be
      modified without affecting the original; however, `dup` was simply
      duping the wrapping object, and each retained a reference to the same
      wrapped hash, causing changes on one to show up on the other. I override
      `dup` and `clone` to address this.
  5. @myronmarston @JonRowe
  6. @myronmarston @JonRowe

    Refactor metadata setup code in specs.

    myronmarston authored JonRowe committed
    Rather than instantiating it and calling `process`, it makes more sense
    to pass in all the args into one method. This prepares the way for that.
Commits on Jul 29, 2013
  1. @JonRowe

    Merge pull request #1023 from rspec/fix_toplevel_definition_in_modules

    JonRowe authored
    deprecation warnings when spec enclosed in a module
  2. @JonRowe

    Change log entry

    JonRowe authored
    [skip ci]
  3. @JonRowe

    fix build when run in certain ordering

    JonRowe authored
    TIL SharedExampleGroups aren't world safe (i.e. contained to the
    world), this is a temporary fix to allow the build to pass regardless
    of order, but I'm going to refactor this at some point
  4. @JonRowe
Commits on Jul 25, 2013
  1. @soulcutter

    Merge pull request #1019 from rspec/warn_if_pattern_set_after_specs

    soulcutter authored
    Warn if pattern is set after spec files loaded
Commits on Jul 24, 2013
  1. @JonRowe
  2. @JonRowe
  3. @JonRowe
  4. @JonRowe
  5. @JonRowe

    label bugfixes

    JonRowe authored
  6. @JonRowe

    Merge pull request #1015 from rspec/safely_clear_shared_example_groups

    JonRowe authored
    Safely clear shared example groups, rebased, speced and changelogged.
Commits on Jul 23, 2013
  1. @JonRowe

    reword changelog

    JonRowe authored
  2. @myronmarston

    Change SharedExampleGroup::Registry from a singleton module to a class.

    myronmarston authored
    This makes it far easier to test it in isolation without need
    for any gymnastics.
  3. @myronmarston
  4. @JonRowe
  5. @JonRowe
Commits on Jul 22, 2013
  1. @thepoho @JonRowe

    fixing nilclass error when clearing shared example groups

    thepoho authored JonRowe committed
    Problem occurred for me running guard-jruby-rspec on windows.
  2. @JonRowe

    Merge pull request #1013 from rspec/switch_to_truthy_matchers

    JonRowe authored
    Switch to be_truthy and be_falsey
  3. @JonRowe

    switch to truthy and falsey

    JonRowe authored
  4. @myronmarston

    Reword changelog message.

    myronmarston authored
    [ci skip]
  5. @myronmarston
  6. @myronmarston

    Merge pull request #999 from rspec/warn_for_non_integer_profile_counts

    myronmarston authored
    Warn about non integer --profile arguments
  7. @myronmarston

    Merge pull request #1002 from rspec/autoload_other_rspec_libs_master

    myronmarston authored
    Autoload RSpec::Mocks and RSpec::Expectations. (master)
  8. @myronmarston

    Merge pull request #1005 from rspec/update_alias_example_to_cuke

    myronmarston authored
    alias_example_to cuke shows how to define `fit` as if it's not part of rspec-core but it is now
  9. @JonRowe

    update alias example spec

    JonRowe authored
  10. @alindeman
Commits on Jul 21, 2013
  1. @alindeman

    Merge pull request #1004 from alindeman/current_example

    alindeman authored
    Adds `RSpec.current_example`
  2. @alindeman

    Uses thread-local variables

    alindeman authored
    * While RSpec isn't necessarily thread safe right now, it might be in
      the future.
  3. @alindeman
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