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Nov 07, 2010
David Chelimsky update versions for development 36ed91a
Nov 10, 2010
Justin Ko Raise an error if rspec-1 is loaded.
- this happens when both rspec-1 and rspec-2 are installed in the same
  environment, and a "require 'spec'" statement appears somewhere in the
  code (typically residual from an upgrade from rspec-1 to rspec-2).
- Closes #94.
David Chelimsky Implement pending spec and improve error message when rspec-1 is loaded. 6240273
Nov 11, 2010
David Chelimsky history 988edcf
David Chelimsky Make sure --fail-fast makes it across drb
- Closes #225.
David Chelimsky Check for Spec before checking for Spec::VERSION
- eliminates deprecation notices when running rspec's own specs
David Chelimsky Remove a few unnecessary instances of explicit blocks (e.g. &block) 99e27b2
Nov 12, 2010
David Chelimsky Lazy-eval file_path, line_number, and location 690c3ff
Nov 13, 2010
David Chelimsky inline arg default a907d44
David Chelimsky store instead of [key]= d17dbec
David Chelimsky Module inclusion should only require matching one filter 4e010e0
David Chelimsky Obeying the masters - no more bang-bang d2c9d0c
David Chelimsky Undo part of last commit that made it in accidentally
(working on more than one thing at the same time is a no-no)
Nov 14, 2010
David Chelimsky add a couple of guards to reduce unnecessary iterations cfb3b54
David Chelimsky just yield if possible (saves creating Proc object) cd91857
David Chelimsky object per example 1012613
Nov 16, 2010
David Chelimsky Pass -Ilib,spec to rcov.
- Closes #229.
David Chelimsky Fix errant documentation
- Closes #227.
Nov 17, 2010
David Chelimsky Pass -Ilib:spec to rcov.
- Closes #229 (again).
David Chelimsky tweak (c) 35c722e
David Chelimsky Merge branch 'master' of f293f9a
Nov 18, 2010
David Chelimsky history 7f10628
David Chelimsky constrain dep on rb-fsevent c6e834d
Nov 19, 2010
David Chelimsky use platforms in Gemfile as intended 0b278b2
David Chelimsky Make debugger statements _just work_
- debugger statements work anywhere in the code, even parts that are
  outside RSpec's control (like before a describe declaration).
- deprecated --debug/-d command line option
  - it doesn't do anything any more
- warns if ruby-debug is not installed
- only downside is for people who like to leave debugger statements
  around in their code
David Chelimsky Expose example.metadata in around hooks
- Closes #221.
David Chelimsky History 846679a
David Chelimsky History 5a5208d
David Chelimsky Merge branch 'master' of 913ce19
David Chelimsky a little overzealous, perhaps? 91d6d83
David Chelimsky method_missing is private b176cfb
Nov 21, 2010
David Chelimsky Fix bug in which classes passed to inner groups override the
"described_class" of the outer group.
Nov 24, 2010
David Chelimsky more method_missing privacy 46f0d49
David Chelimsky small refactoring 190f8c8
David Chelimsky rename internal key cc9f8c9
David Chelimsky using guard these days ... 921bb6a
David Chelimsky Change internally used --autotest option to --tty
- Closes #224.
Nov 25, 2010
David Chelimsky explain README links to documentation 3d0ac2b
David Chelimsky and again d7c4b9d
David Chelimsky upgrade cucumber 76e0d64
Nov 27, 2010
Boško Ivanišević Use ANSICON instead of win32console
- Closes #234.
David Chelimsky history 602d744
Nov 28, 2010
Chad Humphries Allow use of local repositories or gems for Bundler deps 732be07
Chad Humphries Disable verbose by default in our local Rakefile 68d1167
Chad Humphries Updating History c2aceab
Chad Humphries Adding jruby-openssl to the jruby platform bundle to eliminate warnings fcf781a
David Chelimsky prep for 2.2 release 456f2cf
David Chelimsky bump version to 2.2 d567ba3
David Chelimsky Merge branch 'master' of 2a3abed