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Sep 25, 2012
Myron Marston Fix build on 1.8.7.
Proc#source_location is only available on 1.9, apparently.
Myron Marston Refactor shared example code so we don't leak methods onto Module/main.
We should limit the number of methods we add onto objects we don't own.
Sep 26, 2012
Sam Phippen Command line arguments consistently use hyphens
`--default_path` has been replaced with `--default-path` and `--line_number`
has been replaced with `--line-number`.

The old, underscore based args still work. The new hyphen based args now
show in the help text in `--help`.

Closes #497
Closes #691
Andy Lindeman Changelog for #497, #691 [ci skip] 92038d3
Sep 27, 2012
Andy Lindeman "--init" no longer generates an incorrect warning
* Closes #693
* Fixes #686
Sam Phippen Deprecate SharedExampleGroup#share_as
Signed-off-by: Sam Phippen <>
Sam Phippen Add a spec for the share_as deprecation
Signed-off-by: Sam Phippen <>
Jordi Polo Carres A more useful error message is shown when an invalid command line opt…
…ion is used

* Closes #688
Sep 28, 2012
Akira Matsuda s/map/each/ 64fbdca
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #696 from amatsuda/load_each_file
avoid creating unused Array instance
Sep 30, 2012
Myron Marston Merge pull request #694 from samphippen/deprecate-share-as
Deprecate SharedExampleGroup#share_as
Myron Marston Silence share_as deprecation warning in our specs. 5882cff
Myron Marston Fix warning: already initialized constant NestedFoo2 cfb6029
Myron Marston Update changelog. 94fd7a8
Myron Marston Unify error message for invalid option.
No need to `puts` part of it and `abort` with the rest.
Oct 02, 2012
alex-tan Add format_docstrings option to configuration. 4fd3882
Myron Marston Changelog for #698.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston Don't output the seed before loading spec files.
This sets the formatter before users have a chance to
configure it in a `RSpec.configure` block in a loaded
spec file, and it turns out we don't need it--#660
fixes the order files are loaded to a consistent order,
so the seed isn't involved at file load time.

This reverts the following commits:

* "Changelog for #676."
* "Ensures that error commands always throw an error"
* "Outputs random seed before loading files"

Closes #676.
Oct 04, 2012
blowmage Remove unnecessary require
The rake task doesn't use core, and doesn't need the DSL loaded to work.
Having core loaded stomps on minitest if in the same project.
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #700 from blowmage/minitest-rails
Allow RSpec's rake task to live with MiniTest
Myron Marston Rearrange code to keep ordering config options together. 8b461d3
Oct 05, 2012
David Chelimsky Use dup of Time so reporting isn't clobbered by examples that modify …

without properly restoring it.
Myron Marston Delegate #configuration through to rspec-mocks.
This allows our block config API to be used.

This depends on rspec/rspec-mocks#188 and should be merged after that.
Myron Marston doesn't accept any arguments on 1.8.7.
It's an alias for
Myron Marston Build on all rbx/jruby interpreters available.
...but allow failures for now (since I don't know if they'll pass initially).
Myron Marston Relax time threshold.
If GC kicks in at the right moment, it could take a fair bit longer.
Oct 06, 2012
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #681 from twe4ked/pluralize-seconds
Pluralize 'second' in RSpec::Core::Formatters::Helpers#format_duration
David Chelimsky Changelog for #681 f6e707d
Oct 07, 2012
Jarmo Pertman Fix ANSICON url. 4835159
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #702 from jarmo/master
Fix ANSICON url.
David Chelimsky Changelog for #702 5087344
David Chelimsky warn when RSpec.configuration receives a block (use RSpec.configure f…
…or that)
Myron Marston JRuby 1.8 is passing fine. f2d7105
Oct 08, 2012
Andy Lindeman Adds information about instance variables and mocks in hooks 7c9d701
Myron Marston Extract BacktraceFormatters into a module.
This will be used by rspec/rspec-expectations#59.
Myron Marston Merge pull request #701 from rspec/extract_backtrace_filtering
Extract backtrace filtering methods into helper module.
Oct 09, 2012
Patrick Van Stee Fix example of --format with --out
Seperating format and output file with a colon was never supported and
was probably added by accident. The output filename was also updated to
be consistent with later examples. Fixes #704
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #705 from vanstee/fix_format_option_documentation
Fix example of --format with --out
Andy Lindeman `rspec --drb` (without other args) runs specs in default_path
* Fixes #631
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #706 from alindeman/issue_631
`rspec --drb` (without other args) runs specs in default_path
Oct 11, 2012
Patrick Van Stee Identify ruby code for syntax highlighting
Thanks to @charlietanksley, @alindeman, and @greggroth for the regex
help. Fixes #708
Andy Lindeman This gem is rspec-core; no need to require it in Gemfile 8f3944f
Andy Lindeman Works around failures of the test suite under Rubinius
rubinius-2.0.0dev :001 > ( -
=> Float
rubinius-2.0.0dev :002 > MyTime = Time.dup
=> MyTime
rubinius-2.0.0dev :003 > ( -
=> Time

On MRI, the last line reads `Float`, which is what we expected before
this commit.
Andy Lindeman Works around failures of the test suite under Rubinius (in rspec-mocks) 582a0a8
Oct 12, 2012
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #710 from vanstee/ruby_file_doc_strings
Identify ruby code for syntax highlighting
Andy Lindeman Removes the need for `fakefs`
* `fakefs` is broken under rbx
Oct 13, 2012
Andy Lindeman Includes detailed backtraces on failures 3c7c803
Oct 14, 2012
Andy Lindeman Works around JRuby issue where Dir.mktmpdir is slightly broken
* See <> for more details on
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #711 from alindeman/removes_fakefs
Removes the need for `fakefs`
Andy Lindeman Removes assertion on $SAFE in Rubinius as it is not supported 8e2baaa
Andy Lindeman Address Rubinius' differing multiple assignment expression behavior
* See rubinius/rubinius#1955 for bug report
Andy Lindeman Only assert if there is an expected suffix
* Rubinius' backtraces have a bit of extra suffix. This seems OK as long
  as we didn't expect it to be something else entirely.
Oct 15, 2012
Andy Lindeman Rake task cukes support Rubinius (which runs as rbx) bc1fdf8
Andy Lindeman Text formatter cuke supports Rubinius (which includes extra lines of …
Andy Lindeman Avoids asserting on order of Set, which is an unordered data structure aa4cb40
Andy Lindeman Bumps aruba version
* Preserves JRUBY_OPTS, making it easier to test in 1.9 mode locally.
Andy Lindeman Adds -rbx formatted fixtures 7f063e4
Andy Lindeman Removes step definition that is now covered by aruba ed121c0
Andy Lindeman Backs out aruba upgrade as it seems to be broken on JRuby
This reverts commit ed121c0.
This reverts commit a3f45f9.
Andy Lindeman rbx is green. Let's try to keep it that way 9cbb75c
David Chelimsky beef up formatter (built-in and custom) rdoc 4a5bc5e
Andy Lindeman Adds generated fixtures for JRuby 1.9
* Also sets the source encoding for the specs to UTF-8. For some reason,
  Nokogiri did not correctly parse the actual output if they were read
  into ASCII strings. Setting the source encoding seems to solve this,
  even though I thought source encoding only affected the source file
  itself, not encodings of I/O.
Oct 16, 2012
Andy Lindeman JRuby sometimes reports a bogus line number in exception stack traces…
…; handle this gracefully
Andy Lindeman Correctly runs the tests in MRI where $SAFE will prevent the file fro…
…m being read
Charlie Tanksley document using metadata with shared examples
When a shared example and a describe block have the same metadata, the
shared example gets included automatically. Document this. Closes Issue #440.
Andy Lindeman JRuby --1.9 is green b765570
Myron Marston Merge pull request #713 from charlietanksley/document-shared-examples…

document using metadata with shared examples
Oct 17, 2012
Sam Phippen Add support for .rspec-local
Signed-off-by: Sam Phippen <>
Bradley Schaefer First pass at allowing you to pass task args to an rspec rake task. R…
…elates to #330
Oct 18, 2012
Bradley Schaefer Fixed the specs to work for deferred rake task initializer blocks 662758d
Oct 20, 2012
Bradley Schaefer Rejiggered the block caller to use terser syntax, tweaked test accord…
…ing to feedback from alindeman
Oct 21, 2012
Bradley Schaefer Added a cucumber feature that shows using rake task args 59a2728
Oct 24, 2012
Sam Phippen Use local_options to refer to .rspec local
This moves the old "local_options" to "project_options".

Signed-off-by: Sam Phippen <>
Oct 27, 2012
Myron Marston Merge pull request #716 from soulcutter/rake_task_args
Allow task args to be passed to rspec tasks.
Charlie Tanksley Documents nuances of using rcov with rspec
* Closes #479
* Closes #551
* Closes #719
Myron Marston Use an isolated home dir for drb_options_spec.rb
I recently added `--color` to my `~/.rspec` file and it broke the specs in these files since it unexpectedly picked up that config in my home directory.

This fixes it so that it doesn't matter what (if anything) you have in your ~/.rspec file.
Sam Phippen Make Configuration#get_files_to_run consistently order files.
Fixes #715.
Closes #717.
Myron Marston Simplify the specs from d91410f.
- We don't want to specify how the ordering is done (e.g. alpabetical) just that it is consistent.
- There's no need to complicate it with random seed stuff; an example showing the files being assigned in two different orders getting the same load order is sufficient.
Myron Marston Merge pull request #714 from samphippen/rspec-local
Add support for .rspec-local
Myron Marston Clarify local vs project options in spec descriptions. 4919640
Myron Marston Update changelog.
[ci skip]
Nov 04, 2012
Ned Ruggeri fix pattern escaping of spaces 7007f75
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #721 from ruggeri/master
RSpec fails when using --pattern when $PWD has a space
Nov 10, 2012
David Chelimsky update changelog d8e459f
Nov 12, 2012
Andy Lindeman Supports mocha 0.13.0 which removed "mocha/object" c6ef6fb
Andy Lindeman Changelog for #727 [ci skip] 445e283
Andy Lindeman Restores support for mocha >= 0.9.7, < 0.13.0 35fe27f
David Chelimsky prep for 2.12 a5cdbd0
David Chelimsky changelog format [ci-skip] 37391c2
Andy Lindeman Updates to rake 10 9e43641
David Chelimsky bump version to 2.12 f81eb66
Nov 13, 2012
Suraj N. Kurapati run specs even if Kernel#exit() was called
This commit fixes a problem that I introduced in pull request #569,
where RSpec won't run any specs if someone explicitly called exit() or
if they were using both Test::Unit and RSpec together and they had
loaded RSpec before loading Test::Unit.  In particular, exit() called in
Test::Unit's at_exit handler would raise SystemExit, thereby defining
$!, whose presence inhibits RSpec's at_exit handler from running specs.
Andy Lindeman Fixes link in Changelog e951103
Andy Lindeman Changelog for #720
[Closes #720]
charliemaffitt Defines shellescape method
Method allows newer versions of Ruby to use string.shellescape while not breaking in 1.8.6
Andy Lindeman Increases the default timeout to attempt to make rbx-19 go green on t…
Nov 18, 2012
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #728 from charliemaffitt/shellescape_backwards_com…

Defines shellescape method
Nov 20, 2012
Tyler Brock fix spelling error in c088283
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #736 from TylerBrock/patch-1
fix spelling error in
Nov 23, 2012
Myron Marston Collapse two loops into one. 9c8d6bd
Myron Marston Just use `inject` rather than `map.inject`. 2919139
Myron Marston Fix doc string when a method name is nested under a context string de…

Fixes #733.
Nov 24, 2012
Myron Marston Add missing 1.9.3-jruby fixture files. 247bc53
Myron Marston Changelog for 5529b39. ad3d3cd
Nov 26, 2012
Sam Phippen Document the order in which configuration options are loaded
Configuration options are loaded from files, this docstring clarifies
which order they are loaded in and where they are loaded from (hopefully!)

Closes #739
Nov 30, 2012
Myron Marston Restore a public API I unintentionally broke in 39857f3.
@DouweM rightly pointed out that I broke this API.

Myron Marston Words. 497de60
Dec 01, 2012
Myron Marston 2.12.1 release. e227bb4
Dec 06, 2012
Greggory Rothmeier documentation for Formatters::Helpers
fixes #673
Greggory Rothmeier documentation for Formatters::SnippetExtractor
fixes #673
Charlie Tanksley add feature to document failure_exit_code option b15a03b
Charlie Tanksley add feature to document profile_examples option a3ce764
Charlie Tanksley add feature to document run_all_when_everything_filtered ce715c7
Charlie Tanksley add feature to document pattern option f0c93ed
Charlie Tanksley add feature to document treat_symbols_as_metadata_keys_with_true_values 0e3b20d
Charlie Tanksley use aruba exit code matcher a52dad6
Charlie Tanksley add feature to document drb and drb_port options 352bd79
Greggory Rothmeier update documentation for Formatters::BaseFormatter
fixes #673
Charlie Tanksley add feature to document show_failures_in_pending_blocks e10fe0a
Greggory Rothmeier documentation for Formatters::BaseTextFormatter with help from @wallace
fixes #673
Charlie Tanksley add feature to document output_stream 31edba4
Andy Lindeman Allows rbx to fail due to flaky compilation errors on Travis 4b11a11
Greggory Rothmeier remove implementation details from wording b240daa
Greggory Rothmeier remove duplicated documentation
* this is also documented in RSpec::Core::Formatters
Patrick Van Stee Require backward compatibility in rake task
When upgrading from an old version, `Rspec` may not be available where
`backward_compatibility` is not required. Fixes rspec/rspec-rails#638
Myron Marston Merge pull request #744 from vanstee/rake_task_backward_compatibility
Require backward compatibility in rake task
Dec 07, 2012
Charlie Tanksley link to documentation for order and seed options
Since `order` and `seed` are pretty tightly coupled, it seems like
these should be documented together. But the only way I can think of
to write a feature for seed would be to try and run a spec, capture
the seed, then insert that into a config block. But that seems way too
complicated to be informative as documentation. So after consulting
with @alindeman I opted to just link to where these features are
documented for the command line options.
Greggory Rothmeier document formatters helper methods as private 69096ff
Dec 10, 2012
Greggory Rothmeier document SnipptExtractor as private 1f4fe3f
Myron Marston Merge pull request #743 from greggroth/formatters_documentation
Formatters Documentation
Dec 11, 2012
Myron Marston Improve our use of String#shellescape.
We've gotten a few reports of problems with String#shellescape:

* #728 (comment)

However, I can't repro errors. Our travis build is green on 1.8.7.
I realized that String#shellescape is only available if `shellwords`
hasn't been loaded, but Rake loads that library:

jimweirich/rake@d000a3d I'm not sure how the reported errors are occurring. Regardless,
the changes here are an improvement, I think:

* Explicitly require `shellwords` -- it's bad to rely on Rake
  requiring it as there is no guarantee it will always do so.
* Use feature detection (e.g. `"".respond_to?(:shellwords)`)
  rather than version detection. This is helpful if a user
  runs a 1.8.6 w/ shellescape backported (e.g. using the
  backports gem) and also if there are any early patch
  levels of 1.8.7 for which shellwords does not define
  String#shellescape (not sure if that is the case, but it's
  one potential source of the reported breakage).
Myron Marston RBX builds are passing now; no need to allow them to fail. 8f37eda
Myron Marston Set some Jruby options that should hopefully speed up the travis build.
It timed out after 25 minutes :(.
Greggory Rothmeier add config option to specify profile example count
addresses #726
Dec 12, 2012
David Ed Mellum Docs for pending messages in a pending example 328fb3c
Greggory Rothmeier remove `profile_example_count` in favor of setting `profile_examples`…
… to an integer
Greggory Rothmeier add CLI option for --profile 7aedb1d
Greggory Rothmeier stub config optio for profile_examples
* fix fragile spec which depends on line distance from where the spec is
Greggory Rothmeier improve CLI descriptoin of --profile 4ae3643
Greggory Rothmeier improve example spec example names 922b733
Dec 13, 2012
Myron Marston 2.12.2 release. 349c3e7
Dec 14, 2012
Greggory Rothmeier add --no-profile CLI flag d702df7
Greggory Rothmeier add cucumber feature to document using --no-profile with spec_helper eb40e25
Dec 15, 2012
Myron Marston Run build against 2.0.0. 93bd979
Myron Marston `allow_failures` needs to go under `matrix`... c0e1f4c
Myron Marston Allow rbx-19mode build failures.
For now, at least.
Dec 16, 2012
Murahashi Sanemat Kenichi Generate formatted files for Ruby2.0.0
GENERATE=1 bundle exec rspec spec
Murahashi Sanemat Kenichi Adjust Ruby2.0.0 in HtmlFormatter 7edb6ba
Myron Marston Merge pull request #751 from sanemat/feature/generate-2-0-0
Add formatted html for Ruby2.0.0
Dec 19, 2012
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #753 from edmellum/patch-1
Docs for pending messages in a pending example
Myron Marston Allow rbx 18 failures.
We've gotten weird intermittent compile errors from rubinius :(.
No idea why, and it's intermittent.
Tom Stuart Cuke for backtrace_clean_patterns configuration 89322f8
Myron Marston Merge pull request #752 from mortice/documentation_for_backtrace_clea…

Cuke for backtrace_clean_patterns configuration
Myron Marston Improve the way we run builds.
- It was causing issues to have a rake task shell out to `script/test_all`
  since that itself was re-bundling.
- No need for `find_path_to_rspec_exe`; I've discovered that `--standalone`
  and `--binstubs` together produce bins that don't load bundler.
- Add `-x` to `set -e` as that will cause the script to print each command
  as it runs.  No need for `print_and_run`.
- Add cucumber to test_all script, and use just that for the build.
Dec 20, 2012
charliemaffitt Make colors customizable in configuration 37b2713
charliemaffitt Uses symbol names instead of integers in custom color definitions f88fc3e
charliemaffitt Uses configuration API instead of stubbing configuration settings d369827
charliemaffitt Colorize method defaults to white if bad input is received 897020c
charliemaffitt Moves terminal color code back into base_text_formatter 3443183
charliemaffitt Removes requirement for terminal_color class which was moved back int…
…o base_text_formatter
charliemaffitt Checks to see if parameter is contained in values of VT100_COLORS hash 01e1ea5
charliemaffitt Moves specs for terminal color output back into base_text_formatter_spec 97400c0
charliemaffitt Renames color methods with descriptive intent rather than color name d431cd1
charliemaffitt Fixes bad syntax in bold definition 7c0e3a4
charliemaffitt Adds YARD documentation listing valid color symbols for color config e579968
charliemaffitt Updates BaseTextFormatter#colorize to check against a set of values
If it doesn't find the code in the set of values, it looks in the hash of VT_100 codes and values. If it can't find it there, it defaults to white.
charliemaffitt Restores color-named methods in BaseTextFormatter
in case they are being used by 3rd-party applications. Uses color symbol instead of code for clarity.
charliemaffitt Adds method for magenta to BaseTextFormatter
which I overlooked in charliemaffitt@64c8739
charliemaffitt Corrects color sybol in previously added method for BaseTextFormatter…
Dec 21, 2012
Myron Marston Don't blow up on anonymous error classes.
Previously, I was getting an error like:

    /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/formatters/base_text_formatter.rb:203:in `dump_failure_info': undefined method `<<' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/formatters/base_text_formatter.rb:197:in `dump_failure'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/formatters/base_text_formatter.rb:23:in `block in dump_failures'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/formatters/base_text_formatter.rb:21:in `each'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/formatters/base_text_formatter.rb:21:in `each_with_index'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/formatters/base_text_formatter.rb:21:in `dump_failures'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/reporter.rb:98:in `block in notify'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/reporter.rb:97:in `each'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/reporter.rb:97:in `notify'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/reporter.rb:81:in `finish'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/reporter.rb:36:in `report'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/command_line.rb:25:in `run'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/runner.rb:80:in `run'
	from /Users/myron/code/vanguard/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/bundler/gems/rspec-core-4d06cef45fb1/lib/rspec/core/runner.rb:17:in `block in autorun'

Fixes #755.
Myron Marston Fix default backtrace filter patterns.
Lines from projects containing "gems" in the name should
not be filtered, but lines from installed gems should be.

Fixes #754.
Myron Marston On some rubies (e.g. 1.8) anonymous classes are named '', not nil. c4f1b20
Myron Marston Fix .travis.yml to properly allow rbx failures.
It's hard to get rbx to be consistent for some reason :(.
Dec 22, 2012
charliemaffitt Add deprecation warnings to named color methods in BaseTextFormatter 5bf26bc
charliemaffitt Nil is not a string f15615a
Dec 23, 2012
Myron Marston Remove a level of `include` chaining.
No need to trigger an additional include on inclusion.
Dec 24, 2012
Greggory Rothmeier fix documentation 96d2e8f
Greggory Rothmeier improve clarity of conditional 569d55a
Myron Marston Merge pull request #747 from greggroth/profile_config_options
config option to specify profile example count
Myron Marston Update changelog.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston No need to waste time sleeping. 93a609d
Myron Marston Re-instate the sleep -- the build failed on JRuby.
Locally, it passed on JRuby for me but failed on travis.
It failed due to reporting the time taken as 0% instead of 100%.

So, we need to ensure some time passes, but it doesn't need to be much.
Myron Marston Dump --profile output even when there are failures.
Closes #730.
Myron Marston Make spec less brittle. 23e4400
Dec 25, 2012
Myron Marston No need to use send here. f273be3
Dec 27, 2012
Myron Marston Ignore .rspec-local.
This file is for personal preferences and should
not be checked into source.
Dec 30, 2012
Zubin Henner Added `subject!` method for invoking subject in a before block like `…
Jonas Tingeborn fixed broken command generation for Windows f263111
Jonas Tingeborn added Windows quoting test to avoid regression 135f7a5
Jonas Tingeborn made quoting test inclusive and more expressive 7ef07b3
Zubin Henner Added spec and yard docs for #subject! method, and improved cuke exam…
Zubin Henner Updated specs for #let! to assert before block gets called. 65c6504
Myron Marston Merge pull request #760 from zubin/master
Added `subject!` method for invoking subject in a before block like `let!`
Myron Marston Add changelog entry for #760.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston Merge pull request #762 from jojje/fixes
Window command line generation patches
Myron Marston Add changelog entry for #762.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston Refactor `subject` to be implemented in terms of `let`.
This is far simpler, and paves the way for supporting
`super` in both `let` and `subject`.

I had to rewrite a few of the subject specs; they were coupled
to ExampleGroup#subject returning a proc, but that was an
implementation detail of the old implementation.
Myron Marston Fix `let` and `subject` so they support method constructs.
These constructs are presented as defining memoized methods,
but they've been a leaky abstraction before now. Method
constructs like `super` and `return` did not work correctly
in them.

This plugs the leak and allows these constructs to be used
in `let` and `subject` declarations.

Fixes #294.
Myron Marston Fix grammar typo. f099ece
Myron Marston Clarify spec for use of `super` in a named subject.
If `super` is used in `subject(:name) { }`, it should
delegate to the parent context's `subject`, not to the
parent context's `name`.
Myron Marston Merge pull request #757 from rspec/let_subject_super
Fix `let` and `subject` declarations so they can use super
Dec 31, 2012
Gabriel Sobrinho Remove unnecessary assignment from RSpec::Core::Let.get_constant_or_y…
Myron Marston Merge pull request #764 from sobrinho/master
Remove unnecessary assignment from RSpec::Core::Let.get_constant_or_yield
Myron Marston Merge branch 'master' into charliemaffitt-configurable_terminal_colors
Myron Marston Add changelog entry.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston Cleanup whitespace.
[ci skip]
Myron Marston Add specs for the deprecated color methods. 08cfa39
Myron Marston Merge branch 'charlietanksley-document-config-options' 44c1cae
Myron Marston Merge the two profile config cukes. abd4b30
Myron Marston Delete the DRb cuke. It doesn't really provide documentation value. ae16e92
Jan 01, 2013
Myron Marston Add missing require. 3b1fd5f
Myron Marston Switch to the new `expect` syntax.
I used some vim macros to do most of the work here:

I also had to re-gen the html/textmate formatter output since
those include the failing line, which changed from `should`
to `expect`.

While I was at it, I deleted the files for 1.9.2-jruby because
the current jruby version supports 1.9.3, but not 1.9.2.

I wasn't able to re-gen the rbx files because my local
rbx installation is messed up and RVM is failing on me
when trying to re-install rbx :(.
Andy Lindeman Regenerates expected files for rbx 5c35b2d
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #765 from rspec/new_expect_syntax
Switch to the new `expect` syntax.
Jan 02, 2013
Andy Lindeman Adds documentation for configurable colors 65700c6
Jan 03, 2013
Andy Lindeman Adds formatter features to navigation f347f20
Jan 04, 2013
Olek Janiszewski Implicit subject should be memoized with let df58558
Jake Goulding Remove incorrect help text suggesting that the example option can be …
…a regexp
Olek Janiszewski Combine Let and Subject modules into one 0c70d63
Jan 05, 2013
Myron Marston No need to nest these methods in an additional module. 0adc003
Myron Marston Merge branch 'exviva-subject_not_memoized' f7ab113
Olek Janiszewski Implement `its` using new `subject` powers f430278
Myron Marston Add specs for subject/its in a shared context. 3a4470f
Myron Marston Fix typo. edaf976
Jan 06, 2013
Myron Marston Fix a `described_class` edge case.
In a case like:

  describe "in some context" do
    # example { described_class }
    describe MyClass do
      example { described_class }

...the value of `described_class` in the inner example group
changed based on whether or not the example in the outer group
was commented out or not. This was due to the fact that
`GroupMetadataHash#described_class` would return the parent
group's `described_class` if the key was present in that
group's metadata hash, but given the fact that `described_class`
is lazily computed and stored, the key would be present in the
parent group's metadata hash if and only if `described_class`
was called on the parent group--which would only be done if
the outer example was defined.

By adding the extra guard against nil, it allows the normal logic
to run to find the example group:

- scan the groups from the outer to the inner
- return the first non-string/non-symbol `describe` arg
Jan 09, 2013
Olek Janiszewski Do not modify `subject` when defining an `its` example d177f54
Myron Marston Merge pull request #772 from mislav/test-all-standalone
avoid bundle exec in test_all
Jan 10, 2013
Mislav Marohnić avoid bundle exec in test_all 57d20b4
Myron Marston Merge pull request #771 from exviva/its_subject
Do not modify `subject` when defining an `its` example
Myron Marston Update changelog.
[ci skip]
Jan 15, 2013
Myron Marston Merge pull request #769 from shepmaster/remove-regexp-example
Remove incorrect help text suggesting that the example option can be a r...
Myron Marston Cleanup whitespace. f983252
Myron Marston Prevent `the examples should all pass` cuke step false positives.
It did not actually verify that any examples were run, and lead
to a false positive cucumber scenario discovered by @shepmaster
in #769. The underlying assumption of "the examples should all pass"
is that there were actually examples.

I think "the process should succeed even though no examples were run"
is a better description of the case when there are no examples.
Jan 16, 2013
Parker Selbert Scenario documenting multiple exclude
This adds a scenario that explicitly shows how excluding examples with
multiple tags should behave. I.e `-t ~skip -t ~speed:slow`
Myron Marston Merge pull request #775 from sorentwo/document-multi-exclude
Scenario documenting multiple exclude
Jan 22, 2013
Myron Marston Fix Example#instance_eval to properly forward args.
It's not used very often, but it was blowing up from the pretty print library:
Jan 29, 2013
Leo Gallucci Small typo on README for described_class()
Should be described_class() instead of described()
Myron Marston Merge pull request #780 from elgalu/patch-1
Small typo on README for described_class()
Jan 31, 2013
Kohei Hasegawa README uses expect() syntax d6bd080
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #782 from banyan/readme-uses-expect-syntax
README uses expect() syntax
Feb 05, 2013
Christian Seiler Preserve the original state of ARGV by duplicating the array. Closes #… 10b99d1
Myron Marston Merge pull request #788 from csmuc/dup_command_line_args
Preserve the original state of ARGV by duplicating the array. Closes #787
Feb 09, 2013
Myron Marston Regenerate html fixtures for ruby 2.0. 2123884
Feb 13, 2013
pjambet Use new Codeclimate badge, made by @olivierlacan a537dc7
Myron Marston Merge pull request #791 from pjambet/use_new_codeclimate_shield
Use new Codeclimate badge, made by @olivierlacan
Feb 16, 2013
Myron Marston Ruby 2.0 is green. eecd635
Feb 19, 2013
fix typos and improve wording 2bf5192
Feb 20, 2013
Myron Marston Merge pull request #797 from glyn/master
Editorial changes to the main readme
Feb 23, 2013
Myron Marston Update changelog for release 4d7539e
Myron Marston 2.13.0 release 3a83a89