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Commits on Oct 14, 2011
@justinko justinko Remove unneeded "begin" keyword. 87aa7b0
@justinko justinko upgrade guard-rspec and rb-fsevent 92f273b
@justinko justinko --order in option parser 23211ab
@justinko justinko setup aruba 392862f
@justinko justinko Start with a failing command line spec. e67e920
Commits on Oct 20, 2011
@dchelimsky dchelimsky fix the link to full changelog 824bd96
@justinko justinko --randomize and --seed fde5955
@sumbach sumbach Fix typo in feature description 3d4a430
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Make the source more yardoc friendly
- added .yardopts
- removed :nodoc: tags
@dchelimsky dchelimsky remove obsolete install_directory method 0c43721
@dchelimsky dchelimsky clean up some of the generated rdoc 02904f1
@dchelimsky dchelimsky update changelog for 2.7.0 release eba3bb2
@dchelimsky dchelimsky bump version to 2.7.0 aa13e08
@dchelimsky dchelimsky fix formatting problems in the changelog 8896086
@dchelimsky dchelimsky tell autotest the correct place to find the rspec command
- Fixes #478.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky RSPEC_EXECUTABLE (better name) 572bfc3
@dchelimsky dchelimsky bump to 2.7.1 52d358a
@dchelimsky dchelimsky fix the link to full changelog 359abbc
@justinko justinko Order filtered examples, rather than all the examples. 8c2317a
Commits on Oct 21, 2011
@justinko justinko Extract ordering functionality to module used for extension. ad92816
@justinko justinko Remove extra line. 5062363
@justinko justinko Show the seed in the reporter output. Make a default seed. 55e0181
Commits on Oct 22, 2011
@justinko justinko Randomize if only --seed is passed. d36f43b
@justinko justinko Assert that all of the examples/groups are randomized, not just the f…
…irst one.
Commits on Oct 23, 2011
@justinko justinko Merge branch 'ordering' b29fe81
@justinko justinko changelog f9f36ae
@justinko justinko Fix order dependent spec. b46d6bc
@justinko justinko Fix failing cuke. 6e704a5
@dchelimsky dchelimsky use the lib name in the doc d76ab7f
@dchelimsky dchelimsky refactor randomize_spec 0973319
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Separate cli specs from the rest (they're SLOW)
Also use FakeFS instead of stubbing IO
@dchelimsky dchelimsky need fakefs for ci 724b8ef
Commits on Oct 24, 2011
@justinko justinko Increase number of examples and groups back to ten - to reduce chance…
… of spec failure.
@justinko justinko Change to --order from --randomize 08876c2
@justinko justinko changelog 8c5bd45
@justinko justinko Fix spec 3c7cd42
@justinko justinko Add specs for --order config methods. 1f68e25
@justinko justinko Fix build for 1.8 987c49f
@dchelimsky dchelimsky rdoc 98838f7
@dchelimsky dchelimsky rdoc tweaks 3a90caa
Commits on Oct 25, 2011
@dchelimsky dchelimsky more rdoc 44716eb
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Handle special command line tag values
foo       # :foo => true
foo:true  # :foo => true
foo:false # :foo => false
foo:nil   # :foo => nil
@dchelimsky dchelimsky add spec for merged command line filters 3d06ac3
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Refactor inclusion/exclusion filters to clarify intent
This is in preparation for better handling of conflicting
inclusion/exclusion filters.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky not all command line args are supported by configuration
e.g. custom_options_file
@agibralter agibralter Make sure the `bar` in `--tag foo:bar` makes it to DRb
Before this change, `--tag foo:bar` would end up as `--tag foo` in the
drb options. After this change, `--tag foo:bar` makes it over drb

- Fixes #486.
- Fixes #480.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky changelog
- #486.
@justinko justinko Add --order option to DRB d95d503
@justinko justinko Fix order dependent specs by clearing the fake file system. 7bc4ad1
@justinko justinko Set the default order to :random b8cf144
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
@dchelimsky dchelimsky rdoc and rename internal constant ec399f7
@justinko justinko Add a line after the seed. 8211b0b
Commits on Oct 27, 2011
@dchelimsky dchelimsky fix issue with exclusion filter handling symbols f70effd
Commits on Oct 29, 2011
@justinko justinko bad doc 598e722
@dchelimsky dchelimsky couple of rdoc comments bf0d104
@dchelimsky dchelimsky move drb_argv to its own class 09d0e89
@dchelimsky dchelimsky autoload SharedContext and formalize it's availability as
RSpec::SharedContext with a spec.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky support let in SharedContext 5fd8dab
@dchelimsky dchelimsky support context/describe for nested groups in SharedContext b2da24d
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Opposite filters (tags) with higher precedence cancel out those with …
…lower precedence

Beginning to address #369 and #327.

This commit deals with command line, ENV and file options, but does not
address options defined with RSpec.configure. Once that's addressed we
can close #369 and #327.

This does, implicitly, let --tag options set in rake tasks overwrite
those in option files.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky fix syntax error on 1.8.7 b1f1471
@dchelimsky dchelimsky bump ZenTest to silence 1.9.3 deprecation warning dc102cb
@dchelimsky dchelimsky dev: reorder the config options 8d8befc
@dchelimsky dchelimsky refactor configuration: use attr_readers w/ ivars instead of a separa…
…te settings hash
@dchelimsky dchelimsky align mock_with/mock_framework= with expect_with/expectation_framework=
One of each pair delegates to the other, but they were backward from
each other.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky add -w flag when running rake spec 4229554
@dchelimsky dchelimsky add benchmarks on define_method v attr_reader v def 8d53640
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Add :alias_with option to configuration.add_setting and deprecate the
:alias key.
Commits on Oct 30, 2011
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Fix bug where full descriptions of groups nested 3 deep were repeated.
- Fixes #477.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky dev: eliminate a warning generated in the specs e3c842b
@mvz mvz Eliminate the remaining warnings emitted by rspec-core.
There are still some emitted by upstream dependencies.

- Closes #488.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky update changelog for #488 9fb2798
@dchelimsky dchelimsky dev: fix ruby-debug version (and deps) for 1.9.2 9a85bd9
@dchelimsky dchelimsky cap Ruby in changelog d36faf2
@dchelimsky dchelimsky align order option on CLI and in RSpec.config (was orderby in the lat…
@dchelimsky dchelimsky dev: use --tag ui for spec:ui
This was managed with a special options file, but we don't need that now
that tags in rake task's rspec_opts can override those in .rspec.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky change seed_to_report to seed (it works the same way, and we don't ne…
…ed a separate method for it)
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Support --seed 123 (equivalent of --order rand:123) a116b36
@dchelimsky dchelimsky changelog for prev commit 4406e9f
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Restore reported run time to begin after files are loaded.
- was causing problems for spork users and others.
- closes #475.

This reverts commit fd04952, with
a couple of minor changes/additions.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky move order option to .rspec file so it can be overridden on the CLI 024638f
@dchelimsky dchelimsky add '--order default' option
This allows you to override --order rand in a .rspec file from the CLI.
It actually worked before, but it was completely by accident - this
makes it explicit and less likely to regress in the future.

Related to #403.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Gherkin loves HTML more than Markdown 529d467
@dchelimsky dchelimsky config.seed always returns the @seed value
Moved the responsibility of not reporting a seed if not randomizing
to CommandLine.
Commits on Nov 01, 2011
@dchelimsky dchelimsky formalize Reporter#report as an API to support extensions like intera…
@dchelimsky dchelimsky dev: gemfile tweaks ac66e9f
@dchelimsky dchelimsky doc: how about a touch of abstraction cc0468f
@dchelimsky dchelimsky doc: make Warning look like other yardoc tags 6050b3c
@dchelimsky dchelimsky doc: make Warning look even more like other yardoc tags f6fb5ac
Commits on Nov 03, 2011
@myronmarston myronmarston Fix spec so it matches with the description.
The old spec wasn't actually specifying anything.
@myronmarston myronmarston Simplify how the expect_with configuration works.
- There's no need to include RSpec::Matchers or Test::Unit::Assertions into an adapter module when we can just include them directly.
- It makes it possible to interrogate @expectation_frameworks to see what was already configured and included.  Before, @expectation_frameworks contained [RSpec::Core::ExpectationFrameworkAdapter], regardless of what was configured.
@myronmarston myronmarston Don't raise an error when the user is re-setting the existing config. f2dc2f8
@dchelimsky dchelimsky changelog for #494 and #490 294e379
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Change config.color_enabled (getter/setter/predicate) to color to align
with --[no]-color CLI option.

- color_enabled is still supported for now, but will likely be
  deprecated in a 2.x release so we can remove it in 3.0.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky spec both color and color_enabled 60379b8
@dchelimsky dchelimsky --color on command line or in .rspec (etc) overrides setting in RSpec…
Commits on Nov 04, 2011
@dchelimsky dchelimsky CLI tags override their inverses in file options and RSpec.configure
Fixes #369.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Fix bug with full_description and line_numbers= from previous commit. 61c8ec6
@dchelimsky dchelimsky no need for special handling 62f8c43
@dchelimsky dchelimsky (Almost) all command line args can now override RSpec.configure
- Closes #369.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky eliminate the many, many warnings introduced by last commit 9b8e1d1
@dchelimsky dchelimsky don't force line_number or full_description (both of which work bette…
…r on the CLI)
@dchelimsky dchelimsky path/to/file.rb:37 overrides other filters 6ecf82b
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Restore rand:seed behavior
--order and --seed no longer override RSpec.configure. They should, so
this should be revisited, but this gets the common case working again.
Commits on Nov 05, 2011
@dchelimsky dchelimsky just add seed and order to the non-forced-options list 1599198
@dchelimsky dchelimsky don't force debug (restores debug behavior) aab0cba
@dchelimsky dchelimsky add benchmark that runs a spec with many examples 83a299f
@dchelimsky dchelimsky begin to move filter management to a single Filter object 9eb45d3
@dchelimsky dchelimsky filter using Filter instead of calling the inclusion/exclusion filter…
…s separately
@dchelimsky dchelimsky ConfigurationOptions uses Filter to manage merging 8062102
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Improve display of run options 765d8c7
@dchelimsky dchelimsky reduce feature envy on Filter 799d2bd
@dchelimsky dchelimsky rename Filter to FilterManager d9115a7
@dchelimsky dchelimsky fix cukes related to filtering 8285766
@dchelimsky dchelimsky changelog d3604a9
Commits on Nov 06, 2011
@dchelimsky dchelimsky only add a newline if there are both inclusion and exclusion filters e524fa2
@dchelimsky dchelimsky remove unnecessary alias d8b7d36
@dchelimsky dchelimsky delete obsolete methods 939c765
@dchelimsky dchelimsky deprecate :if and :unless as keys for RSpec.configuration.filter_run_…
@dchelimsky dchelimsky organize the output from rspec --help 8b86187
@dchelimsky dchelimsky rdoc updates ef11f68
@dchelimsky dchelimsky more rdoc updates 1959d05
@dchelimsky dchelimsky rdoc: hooks, configuration, and more fc67575
@dchelimsky dchelimsky rdoc: ordering info for after hooks 0f9aa32
@dchelimsky dchelimsky reformat the changelog file 3df9693
@dchelimsky dchelimsky bump to 2.8.0.rc1 4ac7447