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rspec-1 has autotest support in lib/autotest/rspec.rb. We need to add this to rspec-2

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Add preliminary support for autotest

To use autotest with rspec2, add an autotest directory to
the root of your project, and then autotest/discover.rb with:

Autotest.add_discovery { "rspec2" }

Closed by c1d600c.


I tried to do what you mentioned but I'm receiving the following error:

loading autotest/rspec2
/usr/local/ruby/1.8.7-p174/bin/ruby /Users/fnando/.renv/active/lib/gems/rspec-core-2.0.0.beta.4/bin/rspec /Users/fnando/Sites/sample/spec/lib/sample_spec.rb -O spec/spec.opts 
/Users/fnando/.renv/active/lib/gems/rspec-core-2.0.0.beta.4/bin/rspec:2:in `require': no such file to load -- rspec/autorun (LoadError)
    from /Users/fnando/.renv/active/lib/gems/rspec-core-2.0.0.beta.4/bin/rspec:2

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