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Autotest fails if filename contains spaces #132

zargony opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants

Andreas Neuhaus David Chelimsky
Andreas Neuhaus

If an expanded filename contains spaces (the project directory does, in my case), autotest fails to run specs since the filenames are not quoted in make_text_cmd.


(I chose to simply put single quotes around each filename, like the original autotest code does. Actually it might be even better to properly shell escape filenames)

David Chelimsky

Please add a spec that fails without this change and I'll be happy to merge it.

Andreas Neuhaus

Sorry, I didn't realize that the autotest stuff is covered by specs. Here's a spec that ensures that paths are quoted in commands.

David Chelimsky

Closed by 5aa6ae3

Tim Harper timcharper referenced this issue from a commit in timcharper/rspec-core
Andreas Neuhaus zargony Fixed autotest for paths with spaces
- Closes #132.
This issue was closed.
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