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When I run rspec using '--tag mytag', it gives a nice info message:
Run filtered using {:mytag => true}

But when I run rspec using '--tag ~mytag', i don't see that handy message.

1) When using '--tag ~mytag', show an info message like:
Run filtered excluding {:mytag => true}
2) When using '--tag label1 --tag ~label2', show an info message like:
Run filtered using {:label1 => true}, excluding {:label2 => true}

(Platform: Ubuntu 10.10, Rspec 2.5.1)


Yes - that format would be great !


What about {:label1 => true, :label2 => false}

That unfortunately wouldn't work with tag values that are not true/false (--tag dog:bark ~cat:meow). I like Run filtered using {:dog => 'bark'}, excluding {:cat => 'meow'}

@justinko justinko was assigned Apr 13, 2011

For me the 'using / excluding' format would be more readable. I don't think its important to have a single hash.

But either format would be an improvement !


@patmaddox patmaddox was assigned Apr 13, 2011

@patmaddox - okay, I just assigned it to you (from me). Have fun!

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