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Clear out formatters when resetting configuration #434

johnbintz opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'm using RSpec with Hydra, which calls once for each file that is sent to each Hydra runner. Calling RSpec.reset resets most of the environment for the Hydra use case, but doesn't clear out the @formatters between each run. This means that running 10 files in a Hydra runner causes 10 copies of the RSpec output to be sent to the user on the last run, which is very confusing indeed.

Resetting @formatters in RSpec::Core::Configuration#reset fixes this issue:

def reset
  @reporter = nil
  @formatters = []

I can't see a case where one would want to destroy the reporter but keep the old formatters around, but please correct me otherwise.


Seems reasonable. Wanna patch it and send a pull request?


Done and done: #435.

@johnbintz johnbintz closed this
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