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INT handling makes Thin test suite fail #520

voxik opened this Issue Dec 2, 2011 · 7 comments


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voxik commented Dec 2, 2011


The following Thin spec runs just fine with RSpec 1.x, however fails with RSpec 2.x

rspec -l 99 spec/daemonizing_spec.rb

The difference is that RSpec 2.x are handling now the INT signal (e521013). Originally, when the forked application received the INT signal, it exited, however, now RSpec handles the signal and they are waiting for second occurrence to quit. Although I have opened this issues at daemons issue tracker [1] (the underlying library used by Thin for daemon support), I am afraid that this might impact other libraries and RSpec should be unobtrusive.

[1] http://rubyforge.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=29450&group_id=524&atid=2086


dchelimsky commented Dec 2, 2011

Interesting dilemma. rspec-core captures SIGINT in order to support proper cleanup (i.e. running after hooks, etc) and reporting when you hit CTRL-C. I'd be open to making this configurable so suites like Thin's can turn it off or assign the behavior to a different signal, but I'd want to the default to be as it is.


voxik commented Dec 2, 2011

If just single Ctrl+C would be enough, then there would not be any issue IMO. Not sure what is the purpose of it ...


justinko commented May 27, 2012

Not sure what is the purpose of it ...

See commit message: e521013


voxik commented May 27, 2012

@justinko I saw it, I referenced it in my initial comment.


voxik commented Mar 1, 2013

Ping? This is still an issue.


myronmarston commented Mar 1, 2013

@voxik -- thanks for bringing this to our attention again.

I think @dchelimsky's idea of making the signals rspec captures configurable is the right approach. This also fits in with #741 -- it adds support for a new signal and we want to make that configurable, too.

I'll try to get to this before the next minor release.


myronmarston commented Mar 23, 2014

Closing in favor of #1439.

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