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Not looking for :focus in 2.8.0.rc1 #554

dchelimsky opened this Issue January 14, 2012 · 10 comments

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David Chelimsky Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil Claudio Poli Jeff Felchner
David Chelimsky

Moved from dchelimsky/rspec#47

Originally reported by @cj


RSpec is no longer looking for :focus in 2.8.0.rc1 it just runs all the tests even though I have a describe with :focus, it also no longer says it's even looking for focus. Here's my spec_helper.rb

Any help would be great.

Many thanks

David Chelimsky dchelimsky referenced this issue in guard/guard-rspec January 14, 2012

Not looking for :focus in rspec 2.8.0 #91

David Chelimsky

I can't reproduce this using rspec-2.8, guard-0.9.4, and spork-0.9.0.rc9.

Can anybody provide a lib I can clone and run rspec in to see this behavior?

/cc @thibaudgg, @jfelchner, @skaufman

Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil

Here a Rails app example to show how it failed:
Just run bundler and launch Guard

It really seems to be an issue with RSpec 2.8 and Spork (guard-rspec do nothing special here)

David Chelimsky

@thibaudgg excellent. I was able to see the issue with your app. At this point I have no idea of the cause, but I'll have some time to debug it tomorrow/Monday.


Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil

Great, have a nice week-end David. Thanks!

Claudio Poli

I can confirm I have the same issue.

Jeff Felchner

Thanks for jumping on this so fast David. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

David Chelimsky

I've figured out the problem and have a fix in the works. No ETA at this point.

Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil

Awesome, thanks!

David Chelimsky dchelimsky closed this in 80a2e38 January 16, 2012
David Chelimsky

FYI - the problem was that tags/filters are stored in a separate FilterManager object, which was getting overwritten on the DRb server. The solution was to treat that object as, effectively, a singleton so that the remote instance isn't clobbered.

Seems to me this won't be the last time this bites us given this design, but I'm not sure of a better way.

Jeff Felchner

Thanks David!

Rob Hanlon ohwillie referenced this issue from a commit in ohwillie/rspec-core January 16, 2012
David Chelimsky Ensure that values passed to `config.filter_run` are respected when
running over DRb (using spork).

- Fixes #554.
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