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I added 3 checkboxes at the top of the generated html to filter passed, failed and pending test.
We have 4000+ test at our compagny and finding the ones that failed become hard because the list of so long.

I simply used the classes (passed, failed and not_implemented) in the html to guide the apply_filter function.

Hope you can integrate it without problems, only one file was changed.


Also, this speeds up the filtering when you have 1000s of specs.

RSpec member

I merged this onto a branch w/ a couple of minor changes (removed some words by the checkboxes). Right now the commit isn't listed as being by you because there was no author information in the commit. Can you tell me your name and, ideally, email address so I can add it to the commit before I merge to master?

Here's the branch it's on now:


Sorry for the anonymous commits, my git config wasn't set properly.

Here's the info:
Daniel Quimper

Thanks for your good work,


Added checkboxs at the top of the page to filter examples.

@yannlugrin yannlugrin pushed a commit that referenced this pull request May 24, 2011
@dquimper dquimper Added checkboxs at the top of the page to filter examples.
- Closes #270.
betesh commented May 18, 2016 edited

There doesn't seem to be a way to set these checkboxes from the URL. It would be great if I could just append ?passed=false&pending=false to the URL so that I don't have to uncheck the same boxes every time I refresh the page.

Does anyone know of an existing way to do that before I go start a PR for it?

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