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Allows Rspec to connect to DRb server #452

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Ryan Scott Lewis David Chelimsky Andy Lindeman
Ryan Scott Lewis

My coworker and I spent hours finding this fix. Before the fix, we would have Spork running, run Rspec with --drb, and the Rspec would give the "No DRb server running." error. It would then continue to run the specs in both Spork and the local Rspec process.

David Chelimsky

What OS are you running on? We went back and forth on this a couple of years ago and ended up using localhost because it seemed to work on all OS's whereas would cause intermittent hanging on OS X if you were tied to a network. Disconnect from the network and all was well. This may have been tied to a specific ruby implementation (it was a couple of years back), or perhaps even a spork implementation detail, but never-the-less, I'd need to be convinced that this would work for all users before accepting it.

Ryan Scott Lewis

Strange.. we had the opposite problem. Spork was working on 2 different Ubuntu 10.04 boxes and 1 Laptop with Windows 7 on it. But it was failing on 4 of our iMacs with OSX Snow Leopard on them and 2 Macbook Pros with OSX Lion on them. Once we implemented this patch, it worked for all machines. So we have our project pointed to my branch. One of the iMacs we used was right out of the box with JRuby 1.6.3 freshly installed on it.

Why not make this configurable, somehow?

David Chelimsky

@c00lryguy - I like the idea of making it configurable. You want to take a crack at that?

Andy Lindeman

No movement here in 8 months. Closing as a part of cleaning up issues; if anyone is seeing this problem and has cycles to make it configurable, feel free to open a new pull request :)

Andy Lindeman alindeman closed this July 22, 2012
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Sep 01, 2011
Ryan Scott Lewis Allows Rspec to connect to DRb server (Spork) e16d328
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  1. 2  lib/rspec/core/drb_command_line.rb
2  lib/rspec/core/drb_command_line.rb
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ def drb_port
11 11
12 12
       def run(err, out)
13 13
-          DRb.start_service("druby://localhost:0")
+          DRb.start_service("druby://")
15 15
         rescue SocketError, Errno::EADDRNOTAVAIL
16 16
17 17

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