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The rspec command comes with several options you can use to customize RSpec's behavior, including output formats, filtering examples, etc.

For a full list of options, run the rspec command with the --help flag:

$ rspec --help

Run with ruby

Generally, life is simpler if you just use the rspec command. If you must use the ruby command, however, you'll want to do the following:

  • require 'rspec/autorun'

This tells RSpec to run your examples. Do this in any file that you are passing to the ruby command.

  • Update the LOAD_PATH

It is conventional to put configuration in and require assorted support files from spec/spec_helper.rb. It is also conventional to require that file from the spec files using require 'spec_helper'. This works because RSpec implicitly adds the spec directory to the LOAD_PATH. It also adds lib, so your implementation files will be on the LOAD_PATH as well.

If you're using the ruby command, you'll need to do this yourself:

ruby -Ilib -Ispec path/to/spec.rb
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