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Revert "more helpful rvmrc"

This reverts commit be0dcbb.
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1 parent 7123562 commit 4236446bc563ccc89458e6ec87ae53873d60d2ea @justinko justinko committed May 12, 2011
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@@ -1 +1 @@
-rvm @rspec-dev --create
+rvm gemset use rspec-dev

3 comments on commit 4236446


justinko replied May 12, 2011

Using @rspec-dev (no ruby specified), causes this error in rvm head:

ERROR: Unknown ruby interpreter string component: 'ruby 1.9.2 p180'

dchelimsky replied May 12, 2011

My experience is that rvm @rspec-dev --create will use whatever ruby you are on at the moment, and create the rspec-dev gemset if it doesn't exist. This, to me, is more desirable than seeing "You have to create the gemset first.

What you're seeing seems like an rvm bug. What rvm version are you using?


justinko replied May 12, 2011

I spoke with Wayne and it is indeed a valid command - so I reverted my change. However, we cannot seem to fix my error. Not a big deal, I just have to type "rvm gemset use rspec-dev".

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