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Adding a new troubleshooting section
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@@ -119,6 +119,20 @@ command from the root of the repository you're working on. i.e. if you're
working on rspec-core, cd to the rspec-core directory. Don't try to run specs
from the rspec-dev directory, or you'll see `LoadError`s.
+## unterminated string meets end of file (SyntaxError) [In rspec-rails]
+If you want to run tests without using rake, you have to know that running:
+ rspec .
+You will see syntax error, because rspec try to execute some files in lib folder.
+When you want to run tests you have to run:
+ rspec spec/.
+Rspec will execute just the files in spec folder. Using rake you haven't this
## different problem?
If you run into a problem not documented here, please check the rspec-dev

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RSpec member

This was the first time trying to use the github in-browser merge function. Sadly it doesn't include the requester as author, so I won't be using it.


Strange, it added the author when I did it for rspec-tmbundle:

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