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allow bundle install --path vendor/bundle #29

ghost opened this Issue April 12, 2012 · 3 comments

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Jon Rowe Myron Marston
Deleted user
ghost commented April 12, 2012

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With the global ~/.bundle/config setting the install path to vendor/bundle,
everything works except for the use of Thor to setup repos/rspec-rails.
The patches in the following gist avoids this, as well as adding vendor to .gitignore for the repos that need it.

I'm not sure if repos/rspec-rails/Thorfile is really needed at this point.
Also, it may be better to simply add repos/rspec-rails/.rails-version to the project and use RAILS_VERSION to override this (as is already being done in the Gemfile).

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Jon Rowe

Do we even still use thor? I suspect this can be closed as out of date, sorry @ghost that noone ever got back to you. /cc @myronmarston

Jon Rowe JonRowe closed this March 14, 2014
Myron Marston

Do we even still use thor?


I think it might be used as part of rspec-rails, but I don't work on that project much...

Jon Rowe

Ah yeah, it is, but it's used in generators? I think, so not for this. Leaving closed?

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